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Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known by her stage name Rihanna is one of the world’s best female singers, a songwriter who also works as a businessman and fashion designer. This Micheal Jackson inspired singing sensation has multiple nicknames: RiRi, Caribbean Queen, Barbados Babe, etc. The 32-year-old pop and R&B maestro is one of the most successful self-established female artists across the globe and is an inspiration for millions of youths.

Rihanna biography


She was born on February 20, 1988, in Saint Michael of Barbados (Southernwest Part of Barbados) as the eldest child of accountant Monica Braithwaite and warehouse supervisor Ronald Fenty. She has two brothers named Rajad and Rorrey Fenty. Her childhood and upraising was full of complications due to her father’s addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine and her parents’ marital issues. They finally got divorced when she was 14 years old and problems got intensified. After her parents got divorced, she had a serious health problem of headache (migraine) and she had to do multiple CT scans. At the age of 15, she won a beauty pageant at her school. She was already a musician in her school then forming a trio of girls.

During her days in high school, she was an army cadet officer.


At the very beginning, she was scouted by a music producer Evan Rodgers at Barbados where he was on vacation with his wife. Leaving her two other friends behind at Barbados, Rihanna moved in with Rodgers in Connecticut and worked in a demo album recording. Rodgers also gave her an opportunity for an audition with Def Jam Recordings where the rapper and famous hip-hop artist Jay-Z was newly appointed as the CEO of that music label. In that audition, Rihanna made her impression on Jay-Z with her magical and powerful voice and he signed Rihanna on the spot.

After a few months, she released her first single, “Pon de Replay” meaning “Play it Again” which was a club hit for that summer which made a brilliant international fan base for Rihanna. This single was at No.2 on the Billboard singles chart and she was then distinguished as an emerging pop-star. Thus, from her very first song, she made a huge fanbase and ways forward for the future.


After her success from the first single, she released her first album “ Music Of The Sun” the same month. This album earned no. 10 spot on the Billboard album chart as well as got a golden certification from Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA). The next year in April she released her second album “A Girl Like Me”.  A single from this album titled “SOS”  hit the no. 1 spot on the Billboard album chart making her first no.1 single. This was her first album that was awarded a platinum certification from the RIAA. Other singles viz. “Unfaithful”, “We Ride”, and “Break It Off” from this album were also major hits that summer.

Thereafter, Rihanna never looked back and kept on giving hits. Her third album “Good Girl Gone Bad” was the major turning point to her career. The song “Umbrella” from this album that featured Jay-Z was the biggest hit of that year. It is one of her career’s best hits. This particular song topped the charts in 13 countries. It was named as the best selling singles worldwide, the first one of Rihanna. Finally, for this song, Rihanna won her first Grammy Award in 2008 categorized as the best rap/song Collaboration alongside Jay-Z. Besides, other singles “Shut Up and Drive”, “Hate That I Love You”, and “Don’t Stop The Music” from this album were also the international hits that season.


According to the recent news, Rihanna broke up a three-year relationship with her boyfriend Hassan Jammal. There are many lucky men who dated and were in a relationship in the past. From Chris Brown to this Arab Businessman she was seen in other different artists and businessmen

Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown were a famous couple in 2007. They broke up when Chris was found guilty of physically assaulting Rihanna on 2009 Grammys night. The American singer and Rihanna were reportedly found reuniting in 2012 that soon was ended after a few months.

Matt Kemp

After her break up with Chris Brown, she dated the famous baseball player Matt Kemp. Their relation broke up within a year. From a report, it is clear that the American baseball professional was fed up following the music star everywhere. Due to this particular reason, he ended up the relationship with Rihanna.

Shia LeBeouf

Riri and the American actor were rumored of dating each other in 2007 but later no such chemistry was found in between them. They dated for a while and noticed having no spark in the relationship and remind just friends later.


There were rumors of their break up after the Caribbean queen broke up with Chris Brown in 2009. They were seen together several times but neither of them confirmed their relationship. Later in 2016 at MTV Award night, Drake confirmed his love. There were many on and offs in their relationship which couldn’t last long. But this duo has given many hits “Work”, “Take Care”, “Too Good”, “What’s My Name?”, and “Lemon”.

Leonardo Di Caprio

The Titanic and The revenant actor and Rihanna dated around 2015. The duo spent valentine’s week together in New York. Also, Leonardo attended her 27th Birthday and they were seen dancing and kissing the whole night.

Karim Benzema

The Barbados babe and the French football star had a throw around 2015. They were spotted together a few times but were later confirmed dating for a very short period of time. Although she was dating the French striker, she still used to hang out with her former boyfriend Chris Brown. So, she left Karim to give another try with Chris.

Hassan Jameel:

Hassan Jameel and Rihanna started dating in 2017. The Saudi Arabian billionaire businessman and the Barbarian superstar single were found making out in a pool on Spain. But they always tried to keep their relationship a secret. This power couple ended their three years relationship in 2020. The reason for them to split up is still unknown.


Rihanna is not only a great singer,  a businessman but also a successful philanthropist. The badass imaged girl has done many social works to help society. She started a non-profit organization named Clara-Lionel Foundation in 2007 as a tribute and honor to her grandparents. This organization provides funds for education and health for children from poverty-stricken families. Rihanna performs shows and concerts to raise funds for charity and her foundation. She is actively involved in helping the poor and needy children.

Currently, the Barbados born singer is supporting 24 charities and foundations. She also provides a to the charity helping in disaster reliefs, AIDS, environmental,  quality education. Annually, Rihanna organizes a charity event where a massive number of stars are invited to raise the funds for the charity.

As far as possible, she has been doing the collaboration with French President Emmanuel Macron for putting a significant effort in upgrading the quality of education in the developing countries. She is an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education.

In addition to this, the Barbados Babe is helping in Cancer Foundation, Creative Arts, Human Rights, and many more. Recently, she campaigned a five-year initiative of granting bicycles to the schoolgirls to prevent them from the risks while walking alone to school.


Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most talented female artists in the world. With her powerful rock voice, she has impressed the world and ruled the billboard charts. She has received a variety of awards and nominations for her singing, lyrics, and fashion. Most of her awards are for pop, hip-hop and, R&B. She has been a top performer and contributor for the music industry with 9 Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and 7 MTV Video Music Awards. Altogether she has won about 400 awards and has been nominated in about 1100 awards.

Not only as a singer, but she also has many achievements as a philanthropist. For her work on the Clara Lionel Foundation, the Harvard University honored her with the Humanitarian Award. In addition, she also won a President’s Award for her efforts in philanthropic actions in the Caribbean and developing countries.


Rihanna is one of the most successful and highest-earning artists in the world. The 32 years old Caribbean queen earns $46M annually as reported in Forbes. She is the world’s richest female musician. Her sources of income are music, endorsements, business, fashion, and TV commercials. According to the latest report, her net worth is $600M.

She has her own brand of fashions and cosmetics named Fenty Beauty. This business is her major source of income following the music. She is a brand ambassador for clothes and cosmetics brands. Fenty Beauty’s net worth is around $3 billion.


Rihanna made her debut from a cameo in an American comedy movie “Bring it On: All Or Nothing”(2006). As a screen worker, the Barbados star entertained her fans and audience in a sci-fi blockbuster “Battleship”(2012). Also, she dubbed her voice in the animated megahit “Home”(2015).  She starred in other few movies like Ocean’s 8, Valerian, This is the End and Annie.


The controversy is a part of life for many megastars and artists. Like other stars and celebs, Rihanna also got stuck in several controversies about her marijuana consumption, nudity on social media, and love life.

  1. She once got in a controversy for a music video of her single “Bitch Better Take My Money”. This video became controversial because of its explicit content and nudity, violent scenes, and illegal drugs featured in the video.
  2. Rihanna is very open about her addiction to marijuana. She has been caught several times smoking weed in public and has got into controversial moments multiple times. She has posted pictures on Instagram on multiple occasions. So, Barbados Queen has been in regular controversies because of the weed.
  3. Rihanna is known for her weird kinds of stuff in social media with weird posts and comments. She routinely falls under controversy with such posts and comments.

Once, she was in controversy because of posting a transparent dressing. Despite a controversy with that utter type of clothing, the famous fashionista won the Fashion Icon of the Year Award.

Also, she once got banned from Instagram once for uploading a photo promoting nudity. But then she uploaded another slaying photo on Twitter where nudity is accepted. The fans love RiRi for her darings to go against all the criticisms with huge confidence and in a savage way.

  1. Another controversial moment for Rihanna was in 2012 when she gave a chance to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who physically assaulted her in an award night. She was savagely trolled for giving another fling with Chris Brown. Not only she gave him an another go but also did songs together. This caught up great media coverage and became a spicy story then.
  2. Another major controversy of Rihanna includes her two exes, Drake and Chris Brown. The rumors of a love triangle between Rihanna, Drake, and Chris had once heated up the news portals and media. Due to this love triangle, Drake and Chris Brown finally ended up hating each other.


Thus, the life of this Barbados born singer, songwriter, fashion icon, and businesswoman is quite interesting with love life, lifestyle, music, and controversies. With several hits and her style of performance, she has fantasized the audience and has become the heartthrob of the youths. Despite her wild behavior and character as an artist, she has delivered social services several times through her own Clara Lionel Foundation and providing donations to others. In a journey of 15-year-old struggler to the most successful female in the world, she has faced a lot of ups and downs because of controversies.


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