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155 Motivational Quotes to Set Yourself Up for Success


Have you ever wondered about what you’ll be doing in seven years time? If you want to be successful, you must know that high achievers know how to keep themselves motivated and work hard toward their goals. Whether you want to set a new goal, you want to find your bliss, or you just hit a setback, keep on reading for the 155 motivational quotes to set yourself up for success.

What Is Success for You?

Success varies from one person to another, but we know whether a person is successful or not. While some people who came from humble beginnings think of wealth and abundance of money a success, some people who have a lot of money seek for quality time and happiness with their family. Some find themselves successful if they are able to do what they love doing, or finally living their passion.

Are you dreaming about your life goals every day? Whether you wish to be a successful company owner, a best actress, a supermodel, a renowned fashion designer, a philanthropist, an author and such, you’ll need a strong, positive self-image to get there. Success should be defined by you—as it is you who will live your life and reap the consequences of it—and it should not be dictated by your parents, teachers, or friends.

Depending on your upbringing, you might have certain milestones in your life just like studying and getting a degree, working hard and saving up for your future home, and marrying and building your own family. But more than that, do you have some dreams in you that you want to achieve? If you’ve got some talent in singing, painting, dancing, acting, and designing, have you dreamed of putting them into good use?

Everyone wants shortcuts, but shortcuts won’t make you successful. That’s why there are lots of motivational quotes out there that will surely inspire you to be successful whatever your definition of the word “success”. Remember, success needs hard work, determination, will power, commitment and such. More than that, success calls for continuous improvement and being the better version of you.

Good Reasons to Set Yourself to Success

Do you know that success is a part of our life plans? That’s the reason why we are created with desire in our hearts that pushes us to do the things we love to do and chase the things we like to have. A great thing, being successful will make us feel good about ourselves, giving us positive feelings and emotions since we’re living our lives to the fullest and we’re using our abilities to its best.

Have you got that excitement when you achieved a certain goal? Just imagine how happy you’ll become if you’ll finally get successful. Yes, the taste of winning is priceless. Not only it will pump our egos, but it will also inspire others to achieve their dreams and make them believe that it is possible too. Some people think that you’re too ambitious or materialistic when you have big dreams and work hard towards them, but you’re not.

Do you still remember when you were a kid when you play games with your peers? In any game, you would love to win while still enjoying everything—their companion and the game itself. You didn’t think of the prize back then, but you just like to win. When we became adults, we still love the taste of winning, but we’re more careful in our decisions and wants in life. But still, winning is in our nature.

If you have a goal, you feel like you have a purpose in life and you’ll do everything to get it. In today’s world, power of competition and discouragements hinder us from achieving our goal. If you feel like you need some motivation to get you going, start with yourself. You can think of reading motivational quotes every day to keep you inspired. Motivational quotes can even help you realize your dreams in life.

One of the good reasons to aim to be successful is because the process will make you a better person. Think of the challenges, hardships, and obstacles you’ll face when you decide to follow your dreams. The bigger the challenge is the bigger confidence and courage you’ll need. You’ll be an independent person, a risk-taker, a visionary, an achiever, and an optimist who handles challenging goal.

We all make mistakes, but setting yourself up to success will help you to be a stronger person. In your life, what are the things you regret doing or not doing? Most of the time, people will realize that they should started chasing their dreams when they were younger, while some realize that they should be a more active person who loves challenge, not the typical day that involves office work.

Do you know that our mistakes should not be seen as a bad experience or a thing you should regret about, but a lesson to be learned? If you’ll truly pay attention, you’ll realize that everything that happens to us teach us a valuable lesson. In fact, the lessons we learned from our mistakes are the ones we need to be successful someday, only if we’ll have the courage to chase our dreams and fulfill our goals in life.

We are just humans, and failures are just normal, but you should not let that discourage and stop you from reaching your goals. Instead, use them as stepping stone while reaching your dreams. You might lost one day, but don’t stay as a loser. At the end of the day, you can still win if you want to. Remember, success is a very positive experience you’ll want to have. More than that, success can solve your problems.

Things You Should Know About Becoming Successful

  1. Once you get your goal, your excitement fades sooner.

Have you tried getting a smaller goal just like passing an exam or submitting your thesis on time and when you’re done your excitement dies too? According to psychologists, it’s just normal that we get the things that we want that feels exciting at first, and then we adapt to them and they will feel like just ordinary. According to experts, adaptation is the enemy of happiness.

The key is to set a new goal after you achieved your first goal, so you’ll never think that you just aimed for something that will give you temporary happiness. Some even say that savoring the desired success if more gratifying than success itself, so whether it is true for you or not, enjoy the journey on getting there. So once you get what you want, you’ll have another goal to keep you excited in your journey.

You should feel grateful, happy, and appreciative on what you have right now, so you’ll be happier when you get your goals. This way, you wouldn’t be like a kid who feels so excited when they got a new toy, but the joy fades when he got used to it. A great thing, success isn’t harder as you think as long as you don’t procrastinate and think of negative thoughts.

  1. You should be happy to be successful, not the other way around.

There are motivational quotes saying happiness is the way, which is true. Are you one of the people who believe that you must have time, love, or money first before you become happy in your life? Do you dream of writing a book, traveling the world, or engaging in a romantic relationship, but you have a lot of what ifs and doubts? Motivational quotes are there to keep you inspired, but you have to do the work.

Happiness should come from you, and it should not be dependent on people, things, or success, or else you’ll never be happy. Do you know that there are people who are genuinely happy by doing the things that they really love to do? Yes, you don’t have to achieve something first just to be happy, but you have to be happy first on what you already have then success follows.

Instead of saying that you’ll be happy when you become or when you achieve a certain goal, live in the present moment with happiness. Some experts even advise to write down your goal and happiness together, just like “I am happy because I am a best actress, a supermodel, a business tycoon,” and such that will make your goals more alive while letting you live at the present moment.

  1. Success is all about balance.

Some people are considered successful, but they do not have quality time to spend with their friends and family. Are they really happy that they have all the money in the world but don’t have time to spend it with the ones they love the most? According to a successful business tycoon, you should be balanced about making the money and having some fun, or else you won’t be happy on your success.

It really feels great to have lots of good things as long as they won’t own you. It’s great having some fun, but you still have to spend some time working on your goals even if you’re successful enough. There are lots of motivational quotes about getting successful, but the reality of success and dealing with it are often disregarded. The key is to appreciate what you already have, so you’ll be balanced on handling your success.

  1. A positive attitude is needed to be successful.

Have you noticed that it is easier to complain than to give thanks? It is easy to talk about gossips and hardships over dreams and success. Also, there are some people with a victim mentality, and everything that happens to them is a curse. But, do you know that these kinds of thoughts aren’t helping you to be successful? Most of the time, it failures and misfortunes are more visible than blessings and learning in life.

However, each person has different challenges and struggles in life, and success don’t come easier to others because they have the advantage. Regardless where you are in your life, a positive attitude is needed to be motivated to get your goals. If you feel some negative vibes around you, think of motivational quotes that will keep your thoughts positive again.

  1. Competition is the enemy of success.

Have you noticed that motivational quotes revolve around the thoughts of you, not others around you? Unless you’re joining a pageant or a contest, competition doesn’t matter. According to experts, competition ruins your creativity and the right objective to reach your goal. It is giving you a battle to fight with, even though the battle itself doesn’t exist.

After all, the people in the industry you’re in are doing their best in everything, so you should do the same. But never compete with someone as there will always better than you, prettier than you, smarter than you and such. Instead, compete with yourself and strive to be a better person each day. More than that, competing with others will only lead you to goals that don’t really matter to you, but a goal that matters to others.

  1. Success doesn’t mean having it all.

No one is perfect, so don’t see success as an ultimate prize to change every aspect of your life. For every choice, there would be advantages and consequences. If you love writing a book and want to be a successful author, you can be. But in some case you have to spend more time writing your thoughts and ideas on a paper rather than spend time with your family and friends.

Another example is reaching for fame and prestige like you want to be a great actor and want to have a lot of roles to play with. Most of the time, you have to spend some time honing your skills though acting workshops, falling in line on auditions, and preparing yourself for the big break. Once you got the role that you dreamed of, you’ll have to spend more time improving your acting skills.

To be a great actor, you’ll have to sacrifice some time with your family and friends since you’ve got some job to do—after all, it’s your dream job so it’s just okay. The truth is, being successful doesn’t mean having everything you want—the titles you’ve got on the roles you played, the quality time with your friends and family, and the perfect health and wealth. The key is to be balanced in everything and know your priorities.

  1. Never forget where you came from.

Motivational quotes are there to inspire you to stay on track, but that doesn’t mean you will never look back on where you from. Don’t ever thing that the success you already have is solely the product of your own hard work. Remember, there are sacrifices other people have made for you, whether he’s a friend who gave time to listen to you or a mentor who give you life advices.

Sometimes, looking back from where you started to where you are right now will make you feel more confident that you did it, and will give you more assurance that you’ll be able to do the things that you would like do more. The key is to remain grateful and thankful of what you already have, so you’ll always have the right perspective in life. If you’re feeling out of control, some motivational quotes will surely help you to keep your feet on the ground.

  1. If you don’t aim for your own success, others will use you to get their own success.

Do you have a dream in life, but you always prioritize your work that you’re not passionate about or a work that you need just to survive? You have to know that in order to be successful you need to aim for your goals that lead you to success. Don’t expect someone to push and motivate you to get your dreams, especially if you came from a conservative family. If you need some inspiration, look for motivational quotes that will inspire you to work toward your dreams while doing the things you need to do for now.

If you dreamed of starting your own company, you won’t be able to do that by working for your big boss that owns a company and being a loyal employee for the rest of your life. It is okay to save up so you’ll have a capital that you’ll need to put up your business, but have your own time frame. Remember, no one starts big, so don’t be afraid to start small whether having a franchise, getting an online store and such.

If you want to be an actress, learn the tricks of trade not just sit on the couch and watch television series every day. Start enrolling in an acting workshop, know your strengths and weaknesses, spend some time auditioning for the roles, and make a connection. It is okay to have a part time work that supports your expenses, but make sure your priority is your dream and goal in life.

  1. Success is a matter of priority and decision.

In everything, you have to make a choice and let go of something you cannot do because of your choice. Some people say that they want to play piano or a guitar, but you’ll always need some time to learn and practice—a time that you could also spend to reach your goals. If you want to be an actress, a writer, or a businessman do it as there is no try. But, make sure you’re willing to sacrifice your leisure time on learning the skills.

According to experts, you can make as much money as you want, but you must know your priorities. If you want to have more money, you must be willing to work harder and forget your spending more time on your hobbies, along with your friends and family. In fact, achievers often have a vision of success that is clear to them.

After all, money is not everything as it’s all about the person you became when you achieved your goals. Also, your relationships with your friends and family should never be compromised just because you have your eye on the prize. The key is to have the right perspective, so you’ll know what to prioritize and you’ll come up to right decisions.

  1. In order to be successful, you should be focused.

It is easier to write down your goals and plot your achievements than to be focused on your success. According to experts, our digital world makes us unfocused more than ever. Think of the social media distractions and entertainment that steals our attention. If you feel like you’re wasting too much of your time, read some motivational quotes to keep you going.

Sometimes, the things that distract us are the same things that are useful to us. The key is to be responsible on spending our time and energy. If you’re goals are bigger, then the more effort and energy you need to give. If there are some people opposing you on your dreams and goals, make that a propeller to achieve your dreams, not a criticism to bring you down.

  1. When it comes to success, retirement is not the goal.

Have you heard of motivational quotes that say that retirement is like death for some? If you have big dreams in life, and your working on your passion, you would like to rest for some time, but not retire. Most people plan for their retirement in their 60s, but an achiever don’t simply want to watch sunsets and retire. A passionate person would love to do his passion and goals in life regardless of his age.

A great thing, not retiring too soon has some benefits. Do you know that studies have found that ones who retire early have more difficulty on mobility, have the increased chances of getting ill, and have the challenges on performing daily activities? If you’re still capable to work, why not think of retiring? The key is to aim for success and do the things that you love. So the time of retiring will never come into your mind.

  1. You should enjoy the product of your work.

If success is all about money, then entrepreneurs will just make their products profitable for them to sell, but not value them themselves. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll love your own work. Do you know that it’s the perspective most artists, authors, actresses, musicians, painters, and other creative people have? To create a masterpiece, you should put passion and hard work together.

In fact, they write stories they want to read, create music they want to hear, and paint paintings they want to see. If you’re more of a practical person, you may think of solving some problems with your innovation. As a rule of thumb, go for something that you really love, and your work and performance should resonate with yourself. This way, other people will also appreciate them.

  1. You should never wait for perfect timings.

Most of the time, we wait for the perfect circumstance, perfect opportunity, perfect person and such to act. But do you know that perfect things don’t really happen? Instead of wishing that things were better and timings are more ideal, take advantage of what you have at the moment. Remember, you can create your own opportunities, so don’t wait for the next opportunity. Are you familiar with the motivational quote that say you must not wish that everything is easier, but wish that you are better?

As an illustration that success don’t depend on your circumstances, let’s take a friendship into an account. Do you know that some people start new friendships, but end them the same way their older friendships ended? When we’ll look deeper into the issue, the problem isn’t the circumstance, but one’s perception towards the friendship. You don’t just find friends, but create your circle of friends though work and effort.

If you want to get your goal, don’t wait too long before you start. The right moment will never come, having enough time will never happen, and having much learning won’t happen until you get in the game. It is you who will qualify yourself, so simply show up and start working.  This way, you’ll have no regrets, and your future will thank you. Yes, the moment you decide to do your goals can change your whole life.

  1. You should make the rules, not be limited with the rules.

Do you still remember the motivational quote that states you should do something different to get different results? If you’re doing your best but you’re not getting successful, you might be doing the same ineffective thing over and over again. According to experts, breaking convention or surpassing the ordinary will help us to stand out. Failure is part of the journey, but it is not the end of everything.

There are some motivational quotes that say that if you don’t fail, then you likely don’t do anything. Remember, learning is more important than successes, and the way you win your battle is more important than the battle itself. However, when setting up new rules, always make sure your end goal is clear in your mind.

  1. Make and value your connections.

Some people think that others became successful because he has the looks, the money, and the support he needs. But in reality, you can take advantage of what you have at the moment. If you want to get in the show business or fashion industry, you must be willing to learn and take some risk. It might be easier to be successful if you’ve got a family who supports you on your goal, or even a family that pursuing the same career in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible for you.

Do you realize that you can make connections and meet people that you have the common goal once you started playing the game? If you’re already in the field that you like and got those people that can help you, don’t be afraid to seek their help. It might hurt you to learn that other people won’t do the favor for you, but that is life. You need to take charge and do your own task to be successful.

Instead of just getting the job done, enjoy the process. You can enjoy your journey towards success if you’ll be interested on the people around you with the same goal as you. Value the learning you had and make sure you’ll use it to be a successful person. It is great if you’ll be able to remind yourself everyday to go for your goals, and motivational quotes are really useful to keep you inspired.

  1. Success is about doing the things your own way.

If you’re a business owner, you have your own tactics on how to run your own company, your own way on how to deal with your staffs, and your own way on how to deal with losses and misfortunes. Do you have your favorite film or even a favorite actor? Do you know that every facial expression, every word that burst out from the script, and every movement will be different if a certain role is played by different actor?

The same thing will happen if you’re watching a movie that is directed by a different director. The costumes, the lighting, the shot, and how the movie feels will be entirely different. Yes, just like success, there is no wrong or right way as it is about how you’ll make decisions and make things the way they should be. That’s the reason why motivational quotes always remind us to be bold on our decisions.

More than that, you shouldn’t copy the way your masters and idols executed their decisions as you are different from them. After all, they are just people who made a decision on their own. If you’re studying performing arts, you’ll realize that each actor will never attempt to copy one’s actor skills and work whether they like it or not. Each people are different on handling emotions, obstacles, and challenges, and the things that were effective for them might not work for you.

  1. See yourself on the same level of successful people.

Most of the time, we are looking up to certain people and wish that we could be like them someday. But, do you know that you’re not way behind, but it’s like they get to your goal first and you’ll be the next. Sometimes, all you need is some confidence that you can do everything that you want to do. Remember, those successful people are still people who make mistakes, but they know how to get up and do the things that matter.

More than that, if you see yourself the same way you see successful people, you’ll be more determined, committed, and positive in reaching your goals. Do you still remember the motivational quotes that say the music you listen to will affect how successful you can be in your life? This is true when someone is attracted to listening sad music, since he will likely encounter unfortunate circumstances.

Do you know that some successful people even use music to trigger better performance? This is especially true when someone is an athlete, a singer, an actor, or even a painter. You can try some techniques that successful people are using, but decide which ones work and which aren’t.

Indeed, setting goals and keeping yourself motivated will lead you to success. If you feel like you’re getting distracted and starting to procrastinate again, these motivational quotes will surely inspire you to get back on track and hit your goals.


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