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150 Greatest Love Quotes to Share with Your Special Someone


Love is a complex thing and is hard to put into words. All we know, loving someone makes us a better person, makes the world go round, and make us the happiest. A great thing, world’s greatest poets, authors, artists, and musicians have put the feelings of love into words. If you want to express your feelings but can’t find the right words, keep on reading for the 150 greatest love quotes to share with your special someone.

What is the Real Meaning of Love?

Love is a complex emotion with associated beliefs and behaviors. Even though there are love quotes, words are not enough to define and express love, that’s why it has been a favorite topic of writers, poets, philosophers, musicians, artists, and lovers for generations. Love is a strong feeling of affection, commitment and attachment towards a person whether it’s your significant other, friend, better half, partner, parents, siblings, relatives, and family.

There is no one definition of love, but loving someone involves trust, respect, sacrifice, happiness, attachment, need, and such. Some people debate whether love is a destiny or a choice—some say that true love means fighting for someone you love while some say it’s about letting go. For some cultures and traditions that encourage fix marriages, they say love is a choice, while others say it is uncontrollable.

If you want to be more scientific on defining love, let’s dig deeper on the chemistry of love. According to experts, love is an uncontrollable neurological condition. We have different chemicals in our bodies that let us feel different things. While the feeling of true love makes our body release a whole set of chemicals to let us experience love on different ways, lust are only fueled with estrogen and testosterone.


8 Different Kinds of Love According to the Ancient Greeks

Erotic Love or “Eros”

If you’re into the idea of romantic love, then it is classified as “Eros” that’s a desire, sexual or passionate love you feel towards your partner. Do you know that this love is actually named after Eros, the Greek god of love and fertility? The ancient Greeks viewed Eros as dangerous since love is a powerful and uncontrollable feeling. More than that, it is considered a form of madness as a result of Cupid’s arrows.

Do you still remember when the love of Paris and Helen brought Trojan War and resulted to the fall of Troy? Yes, that’s where the love quote where the love itself can “sink a thousand ships” came from. Nowadays, erotic love can still be misused, that also lead to falling into temptations and broken hearts. Some say that love will push you to break rules, but not all love is right, especially if you’re married and you’re feeling it towards the other person that is not your wife or husband.

Affectionate Love or “Philia”

“Philia” is a kind of love you feel towards your friends, when physical attraction is not present. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex and you enjoy his company without being romantically attracted to him? Even though it’s a big debate whether it is possible or not, Plato even believed that physical attraction is not necessary when loving someone, and “platonic love” translates to love without physical attraction.

Have you endured hard times together with your friends, and felt you’re ready to sacrifice for each other’s welfare? More than that, Aristotle believed that a shared goodwill is the foundation of real friendships. When you have real friends, you want to be with them not only on happy times, but also in times of trouble. Some love quotes refer to friendships are bonded with love, trust, respect, dependability, and companionship.

Familial Love “Storge”

The love you feel for your parents, children, family, and relatives is considered as familial love or “storge”. Sometimes, this kind of love is also felt towards your childhood friends for where you consider them just like a real brother or sister. Do you have a best friend that you feel like closer than your brother or sister, or both of you grew up together making you feel like he’s your real brother or sister?

Unfortunately, this kind of love can also hinder us in reaching our life’s purpose, especially if our family doesn’t align with our goals and dreams in life. Some circumstances call for choosing between familial love and erotic love, especially on forbidden relationships. In some cases, one’s family is opposing the romantic relationship you have, and you have to fight for one and let go of the other.

Enduring Love or “Pragma”

Have you seen married couples that grew old together and still love each other? “Pragma” refers to the kind of love that has endured of decades. Most of the time, we spend so much time searching for true love, but we already found it, it is more challenging to keep over time. Yes, “Pragma” is a kind of love that is not easily found as it takes sacrifice, effort, and patience.

According to psychologists, the romantic love that you feel toward your husband will fade over the years, and the pragmatic love will make your relationship work. Pragmatic love is more of a practical love that involves long-term interests and survives beyond the first flush of romance. Also, some are very precise on finding their lifetime partner whether she’ll stick with attractive physical features, good character, or even outlook in life.

For instance, you’ll still choose to love your wife after 30 years, not only you’re romantically attracted to her, but because she is your wife, she’s the one you made commitment with, she’s the person you married, and the mother of your children. On other circumstances, pragmatic love can be seen on political parings and fixed marriages. One can forgo his romantic attachment for the sake of long term benefit and shared goals.

Selfless Love or “Agape”

If you feel love towards nature, strangers, or God then it is an “agape” love. Agape is also considered as the spiritual love where you feel compassion towards your spiritual brothers and sisters, along with neighbors. In fact, it is considered as the purest form of love despite imperfections and flaws of others. It is also the kind of love that accepts and forgives for the greater good. Just like any love, “agape” love is linked to better physical, mental, and emotional health.

Self Love or “Philautia”

On contrary to Narcissism that is focused on personal gains, fame, and fortune, “philautia love” is a healthy form of self-love. However, self love is quite tricky as one’s abilities, achievements, and status can make someone arrogant and injustice. On contrary to people who fear failure and rejection, ones with self-love are welcoming growth experiences and relationships in their lives.

If you want to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first. This is especially true if you’ve done a big mistake that you are now regretting. If you cannot forgive yourself for what you did, then how can you love and forgive others? Your self-love is the ones that encourage you to eat good food, get into fitness, take vitamins, have a healthy lifestyle, learn new skills, follow your passion, and such.

Playful Love or “Ludus”

We all know that erotic love exists between lovers, but sometimes, it has a bit of “ludus” or playful love. Have you heard the term “puppy love” when you believed you loved your childhood friend or even you’ve been into a relationship when you were young? Also, it can refer to the feeling you have when you’ve got a crush on someone where you experience feelings of euphoria and fluttering heart.

It is true that playfulness will make your friendship and romantic relationship more fun, adding innocence, excitement, and joy. However, “ludus” is an uncommitted love that is why it doesn’t refer to long term relationships. Relationships that are based on playful love are casual and undemanding, but they can be also not long lasting. Love quotes highlight the value of sacrifice in love, which isn’t found in “ludus”.

Obsessive Love or “Mania”

Do you feel that you desperately need your partner, or you’re extremely jealous whenever your partner hangs out with his friends of opposite sex? Most of the time, having the feelings of jealously is just normal, but it is often unhealthy. This is especially true if you hinder your partner’s social life and growth just because you’re jealous on every girl he’ll hang out with. Some love quotes even say that love is not selfish and obsessive.

Mania love is a kind of love that occurs when you’re feeling the erotic love and ludus love at the same time. Most of the time, mania love is triggered with one’s low self-esteem, where he feel he wanted to be loved and feel his sense of self worth. And as a result, one is becoming too jealous and possessive of his partner, wanting that he’s the only person she’ll ever love.

Signs of True Love in a Relationship

Your happiness is his happiness.

When you truly love each other, you would want to make your partner happy, whether you’re happy with his decisions or not. You would want to support him with his life goals even if it means making you the second priority. If you’re fighting over one thing, you would be willing to compromise and even you lose, just to win your partner and make him happy. Also, one will try to give more than to take. Remember, long lasting relationships know how to give and take.

However, some say that true love also means letting go of your partner if he is not happy being with you. It might be a sad truth, but some even say that true love isn’t selfish, as you’re willing to give everything just to see someone you love happy, even if that will compromise your own happiness and needs, or letting someone walk out of your life. Some love quotes even say that happiness came from giving.

You argue but always forgive each other.

We are all imperfect, so there is no perfect relationship too, but there could be successful ones. Most of the time, you’ll both have different views and standing on certain things whether it is about your culture, tradition, religion, or even politics, but you know how to work with your differences. Instead of taking things personally and attacking your partner, both of you aim for resolutions. Do you still remember the love quotes that say love is all about forgiveness?

Most of the time, both of you must find your common ground, but sometimes, one must give the benefit of the doubt for the sake of peace. In a relationship between husband and wife, the man should love his wife, while the woman must show deep respect for his husband. According to psychology, a man will likely love his wife when he is respected while a wife will likely respect his husband is she is loved.

Do you know that there’s a big difference between being obedient and being submissive to your partner? Being obedient refers to being agreeable to a decision that favors you, while being submissive means respecting your partner’s stand whether you like it or not. If you’ll be submissive to your husband, you’ll be able to come up to a resolution and avoid conflicts and problems in the future.

You’re best of friends.

When you’re in a relationship and your partner is your best friend, you’ll be open to discuss and resolve any problem that comes in your way. Do you have a childhood best friend whom you spend time playing with, shared secrets with, watched the clouds and stars with, read love quotes with, and shared your dreams with? When you’re in trouble, she’s the one you’ll go to, she’s the one who understands you and knows you better than yourself.

It feels so great to have a best friend you can run into, whenever you want to enjoy the short walks, pointless talks, and everything. If you haven’t got the sweet experience of having a best friend in your younger years, why not think of treating your partner as your best friend? If you’ll genuinely enjoy each other’s company, you’ll have a strong, loving relationship that stands the test of time.

Do you know that being best friends with your partner will help you resolve the biggest issues your relationship will face? If he’s having an issue with you, he’ll be able to discuss it with your first than with everyone. More than that, you’ll trust him the most, love him the most, and support him the most because he’s not just your boyfriend or husband, but also your best friend.

Both of you think and talk about the long-term together.

Are you two comfortable talking about your future together whether it is a goal, a dream, marriage, or even kids? There are lots of love quotes that say your future is better when it is planned with your partner. If you love to be an actor, do you think of your partner’s stand when it comes to your dreams and priorities in life? Is he really open when discussing such goals, dreams, and ambitions in life?

Do you still have personal aspirations as an individual and you don’t consider your partner in it? If you’re still finishing your medical degree, do you really see your partner with you in the future when you already become a doctor, or you simply enjoy his company at the present moment? Do you now execute some plans for your future like saving for your future house and even wedding?

He includes you in every part of his life.

If you love someone, you’ll be proud to show her around from your family to your friends, and even social media. More than that, you both love to spend time together rather than hanging out with your circle of friends. Also, he won’t keep you a secret to his family and friends. Whether she’s getting a degree or dealing with major decisions in life, she will consult you.

If he’s talking about his dreams, aspirations, and goals in life, do you see yourself in it? Or you feel like he’s just enjoying your company while chasing his dreams? However, including you in every part of his life doesn’t mean not letting him have his own time with his family and friends. Some love quotes even say that a good space is essential for a happier and healthier relationship.

It matters for both of you to have a healthy personal life.

If you’re into a relationship, it is normal that you want to spend most of your time with your special someone. But remember, you also have some work to do, and you might also have some friends that would love to enjoy your company. You can surely make your partner your priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some friends to enjoy your time with.

If he got some hobbies, you will be supportive to him, and not shut them down just to make him spend time with you. Also, you won’t be jealous of his friends because you want him to have a social life he can enjoy. For you not to get bored, you can think of enjoying doing your own thing whether it is a hobby, learning new skills, or spending time with your friends too.

Ways to Open Yourself to True Love

Know yourself—your strength and weaknesses.

Before knowing what you want in a lifetime partner, you have to know yourself first. Do you need someone who stands with his own principles because you’re you cannot decide on your own, or you’re easily swayed by some influences? Are you a short tempered individual and you need someone who is patient enough to understand and calm you down whenever you’re having mood swings?

Remember, a relationship is a union of two complete individuals, so don’t expect that you’ll feel complete when you already found your true love. You must be a whole person first, so you’ll be able to love and bring out the best in your partner. Both of you must be in harmony for where you compensate for each other’s shortcomings, flaws, and weaknesses.

Set your standards of what you really want in a partner.

Instead of waiting around whoever will come, it is better to set a clear standard for your lifetime’s partner so you’ll know if he comes. Do you have a guy friend that is thoughtful, sweet, and responsible but has a current girlfriend? You can think of him as your ideal partner, but don’t be jealous of his relationship with his girlfriend. Being happy for what your friend has will let you attract the love of your life unexpectedly.

Some love quotes say that a true love is not selfish, and not being selfish will make you look attractive to someone else. Do you want a partner that is as sweet as you, as dependable as you, and as trustworthy as you? Focus on good qualities and you’ll know when he’s the true love for you. The key is to be the best person you can be, someone will love to be with.

Do the things that you love, and make you feel great.

If you want to find someone who is successful in his life, then you should be doing your own work towards your goals. There are some love quotes that say like attracts like. So, if you’re lazy and a couch potato, then you’ll likely attract the same people. After all, someone successful would love to be with someone who is a risk-taker, independent, and responsible, not a happy go lucky one.

More than that, you should be ready when the opportunity comes. How many times you say you’ll be fit, you’ll be more active, or you’ll be more responsible when that someone comes around? Don’t wait for that someone, but be ready as if you’re about to meet your true love every time. Looking great whenever you step out of the house, being more confident in your decisions and such are some of the ways to prove that you are ready meeting your true love.

Don’t shut and reject new relationships.

Depending on how aware you are, you can easily find your true love or not. For instance, if you friend is inviting you to a party but you’re too busy to join him, then you might be losing your chances of meeting your true love. If you experience broken friendship and failed relationship in the past, don’t think that future ones will end the way it did with your previous ones.

Remember, our life is giving us lessons to learn, so be flexible to change and apply your learning in all aspect of your life. Some love quotes even say that there is no such thing as rejection because everything happens for a reason. You wouldn’t be a better person if you haven’t encountered your hardships and challenges in the past. You wouldn’t know what love is if you haven’t been to series of heartaches. If you’re not afraid to fail or get hurt, you’ll be able to express your real feelings and find your true love.

Stay positive and get rid of negative thoughts.

Some love quotes say that like attracts like, so negative things will also attract negative circumstances. When you’re feeling negative, every single action of your friend will mean negatively to you, such as not replying on your text messages on time, or not able to hang out with you because of their schedules. But if you’ll be optimistic, you’ll see things in a more positive way.

More than that, how can you be an attractive person to someone if you are a negative, toxic person? However, you must be positive in your life and don’t dwell on the feelings of needing someone. After all, needing someone is a negative feeling that we unconsciously attract. Instead, do the things that make you feel fulfilled and your true love will come unexpectedly.

Be grateful of what you already have in your life.

Don’t think of happiness as something dependent to relationships, people, money, love, fame, and such. If you’re not happy in your own life, then how can you expect someone to be happy with your company? If you’re grateful of what you have right now, it’s a good sign that true love is coming. More than that, being happy and grateful will make you more positive and happier in your life. So, when your true love comes, you’ll share joy and happiness together.

Love might be a complex thing, but it doesn’t mean it would be hard to express it. All you need is to be honest with your thoughts and feelings and express it to your loved ones. Thanks for these greatest love quotes as you’re now able to say more than “I love you”. Yes, love quotes sum up exactly what you really think and feel, making your special someone feel loved.


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