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90 Bulletproof Instagram Statuses Tips to Build Your Influencer Career


An Instagram influencer is not an easy position to reach. However, you have all the needed tools and information available on how to become one. What you need is to rely on bulletproof Instagram statuses. Luckily, there is a recipe on how to do that as well. So, let’s find out what you have to share with the world, what the world wants to see, how to reach as many people as possible and much more! In addition, we will tell you more about Instagram’s algorithms and various collaborations you can close a deal on. As it follows, you will also have the chance to gaze upon pictures that were really successful on this social media platform,


Efficient Instagram Statuses Considerations & Useful Tips

  • Instagram can help you increase your popularity and sales, if you use it properly.
  • Using quality hashtags, distributing user-generated content or organizing contests are the simplest ways you can use to increase engagement and the number of fans.
  • You will also get great results if you post short videos, live footage or stories as often as possible.
  • And sponsored posts will bring you more fans, if you are willing to invest in influencer marketing.
  • Finally, remember to interact with your fans and create a two-way communication channel.
  • Use Instagram Insights to see how your audience reacts to posts. Make changes if you do not get the desired results.

How do you get more followers and better engagement on Instagram? You can follow the natural course of things, wait for years to become known, or you can adopt the tactics we will present below. In the latter case, the results will certainly appear much faster.

Properly Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Statuses

Instagram is the place where hashtag lovers (there are, yes, such people) get their head around. Each picture is accompanied by miles of words with # in front, without them being a big deal.

If you are a serious brand, be careful not to fall into this extreme. Carefully study the market you are activating in and the audience and use only relevant hashtags.

An important thing is that Instagram allows only 30 such tags in a post, but it is advisable to use up to 9 or 10 to not annoy users. Equally important are location tags, so be careful not to forget them, if applicable.

Instagram has revealed that the order in which it chooses to display posts in a person’s feed is primarily based on the likelihood of that person being interested in that content. So, if you usually post flowers and those who follow you on Instagram give a lot of hearts to your flower posts, the next time you post something with similar content you will receive more hearts than usual. In addition, you might even gather new followers. However, everything will be almost in vain if you don’t use concrete and thematic hashtags. Also, you can create your own hashtags that can make users follow you.

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The Perfect Timing for Your Instagram Statuses

No matter how interesting your older posts are, you will notice that people are no longer paying attention to them. This is because no one else sees them unless they search for them. Instagram’s algorithm is trying to show you the latest posts and the ones most relevant to you. According to specialists, this algorithm reorders the new posts only; those that appeared in the time interval you were no longer active on Instagram. This means that the best time to post something is when most people are on Instagram. So, if you want to be successful post two to three times daily. Think of Instagram statuses suited for before 12 pm and after 8 pm.

Your presence in the online environment and the way in which your page influences as many people as possible are determined by the volume of posts you make. If you post often and gather a significant number of followers, but you stop at some point and start posting rarely, you will lose them. Try to make constant posts, so that your audience does not lose interest. For this you need a phone with a very good camera, among others.

User-Generated Contents Count as Instagram Statuses

This practice is applicable on all social networks, not just Instagram. Even if you constantly distribute quality content created by you, users may get bored of this pattern over time. To break the monotony, distribute content posted by other users (do not forget to give credit), because it has all the chances of being authentic, personal and generating emotions.

Instagram Statuses Focused on a Main Subject

It is good to know from the beginning what you’re focusing on. In this regard, there is no key to success! Even a post in which you present your sock collection can be crazy successful if you know how to manage it. If you study the other influencers for a bit, you will notice that they go on a single niche. They do not divide in several directions. If you like fashion, just post about fashion and tangential fields.

In case you want to have a lot of followers on Instagram to keep close, never go from food to airplanes! If until now you have only posted pictures of colorful flowers you can’t decide to start posting about food. You can’t suddenly change your mind and make your page about your daily lunches, for example.

You do not have to open a special account dedicated to being an influencer; the best thing to do is to keep the ones you already have. However, this requires you to remove unrepresentative posts. Next, associate this account with a representative name. It can be your full name or first name combined with the name of your activity; try to have a vibrant name! Then, put in clear words – without ambiguity, the description of your “mission”.

As you develop your profile, it is very likely that some pictures will no longer match what you are currently promoting. That’s why, you must mercilessly eliminate all intruders!

Posting an Outstanding Photo is Not Enough

A good photo seen by many users can receive a consistent number of likes. However, just because of that you will not necessarily gather more followers. Before following you, most people will first visit your profile in order to find out what’s really about. This is why, even if you have great pictures, they also need descriptions and they need to all come together in a primary theme.

Pictures with a good description receive more likes from those who are already following you. But what does a good description mean? Basically, when you post a new photo, it explains what the respective image represents. Avoid using quotes or descriptions that do not belong to you! No matter how pompous they sound or how attractive they are, they have already been told by someone else, and they only appear on your profile as a copy of the original.

Give Hearts In Order to Receive Hearts for Instagram Statuses

In 2016, Instagram has announced that no matter how many accounts you follow, you will see the latest posts from your best friends first. Although there is no friendship status in Instagram’s case, it still identifies the relationships between users based on reactions. So, your account may have the most beautiful content, but that will stay hidden unless you offer hearts, don’t just wait to receive them. In addition, you can use direct messages, which Instagram takes into account, as well as the people you searched for.

Associate Your Instagram Statuses With a Brand

Many celebrities and public persons tend to promote their image by associating with a well-known brand. This not only helps the brand gain credibility, but it can also help you become an influential person. From cosmetics and care products to clothing items, they will be associated with you, and your popularity will increase considerably.

If you have more than 5000 followers, you can look for different brands. Make a list of current companies that you like or see yourself collaborating with, or whose products you use, write them down and see what results you get. And if you really help them, by giving them good ideas and strategies, this can surely result in fruitful collaborations for you.

In addition, almost anyone with a social media account can earn some money by promoting products through affiliate links.

Other Instagram Hacks Applicable to Instagram Statuses

  • You have to give the impression that you know certain things; that you are knowledgeable; that you have tried different things and you can clearly say that you have found a wonderful product.
  • You must always seem happy and excited about everything you do.
  • If you want to be an influencer, you have to always be on the move, to do things, to visit various objectives that you film and expose as if you discovered a new America.
  • Your life should seem carefree. People want to see that you can afford many things. They want to see you go to fine restaurants, but they also like to see posts about burgers or street food.
  • You also need an SUV car or at least a friend with such a car in order to make live stories and keep up with others.
  • The interaction with your audience / fans / followers is vital. You must offer them competitions, challenges, give-away sessions and other little things that will keep them loyal.
  • In the online environment, a niche greatly exploited by all influential people is fashion. Thus, many influencers and bloggers post very often in different outfits, most of them more special, to impose their own style and create a certain image.
  • If you have a video related to your theme, post it! If your profile is about your personal life, then a video with the way you have fun everyday is suited. However, if you don’t generally post about yourself, then there is a chance that other users may not be interested in what the place you are in looks like.
  • Just like videos, live videos are great if they have something to do with what you’ve built so far on your profile. And if not, give them a try! You may discover that they were exactly what your profile was missing!
  • On Instagram, like – comment – follow – are the three ways you can get in touch with other users directly.

The Main Categories of Instagram Influencers

The influencer is the person who has built an online audience over time. In addition, he or she has gained credibility through the published information. Moreover, he or she has the power to influence the buying decisions of the people who are part of the audience. When an influencer promotes a brand on his or her network, it basically gives the brand a positive vote, increasing the trust and credibility of the brand.

According to several studies, influencers in the digital environment are divided into three broad categories: professionals, common people and celebrities.

Professional Instagram Influencers Represent 62%

They are the people with expertise in a particular field (Media, IT, Food, etc.). These are the influencers followed by the most online users in the urban area (62%), covering a wide range of interests. They created their influencer image in the offline environment, on TV or online, with the help of Facebook, Instagram, blogs or press releases.

The professionals mainly attract a mature audience (between 25 and 44 years). The latter is characterized by good education and above average income. They are interested in receiving quality information in order to choose products suitable for their needs. Also, they want to develop professionally or to understand more about a certain topic.

27% Ordinary People Become Instagram Influencers

Ordinary people have gained their reputation online. They have acquired a status in a particular field, due to the constant provision of information relevant to a particular segment. Examples are travel, fashion, beauty, nutrition, gadgets, free time recommendations free and so on. This is most probably the category suited for you.

Celebrities Count Only 11% Among Instagram Influencers

Although they attract the largest number of fans on social networks, celebrities are considered influential only by 1 of 5 Internet users. They are pursued more for entertainment and not necessarily for the information they offer. Moreover, celebrities are followed in the online environment especially by young people (between the ages of 18 and 34). The latter are not very active on the labor market and are characterized by below average incomes.

Celebrities attract a large number of entertainment folklore. This is in order to discover new interesting life stories or other online information, as a complement to the content received from the TV. The most influential celebrities among online users are singers, TV presenters and actors.

Why are People Following Instagram Influencers?

Professionals are sought after by their audience because they are well and properly informed. Moreover, they are experts in their fields and they try to transmit the information to everyone. Their audience appreciates what they have developed through their work and personal effort and therefore they trust the content they generate.

Ordinary people are sought after because they are properly informed. In addition, they always try new things and although they have the same lives as those who follow them, they come out with something out of the ordinary. Their originality comes from the way they create content, the way they look and dress. Also, they share a different perspective on various events and brands.

In August 2017, 3 billion people were actively using Social Media, representing 40% of the world’s population. Inevitably, all these people are mainly looking for Influencers from their interest categories. They want to be guided by them in making decisions.

Take Baby Steps by Becoming a Micro-Influencer

Micro-Influencers are those influencers who, although they do not have as many followers as celebrities, are the best ones to use by brands. This is because they attract the most real conversions. So, if you are only starting now, focus on becoming a micro-influencer. Also, base your Instagram statuses with this idea in mind.

Being a micro-influencer generates authenticity among consumers with the same mindset, people with similar connections, who are much stronger than the superficial engagements and conversions that a brand can get from paid advertising. They are relevant, on a clear niche and therefore they are qualified to develop the affinities of the promoted brands.

In conclusion, Instagram statuses aren’t easy to master. However, with all the needed information at hand, you can become a master! Remember to choose a theme that you are passionate about. In this way, you will not work in order to become an influencer. On the contrary, you will have fun and become an influencer at the same time! Check out some of the top Instagram statuses and Instagram hacks before you start! A future influencer should learn how to be influenced as well! Also, take the categories of influencers into consideration before you start building your online empire! It’s time to have fun now!



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