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150 Funny Yahoo Answers That Will Surely Amuse You


This article presents 50 funny Yahoo answers as well as very funny questions! In fact, it is almost impossible to ask a decent question and not get a good answer for it. So, you should be expecting stupid, ignorant, cute and absurd questions that have the most ironic, sarcastic and funny answers.

What is great about reading them is the fact that they will definitely make us laugh. In addition, we will get the chance to find out what other individuals think about and what their dilemmas are. So, as it follows, we will present various categories of funny Yahoo answers.

1. Are English people speaking American?

A very confused individual named Randy asked a question and got a satisfying answer. Although his initial dilemma was funny on its own, the answer he got is somehow funnier. Why is that? Because even if a part of it is correct, the last part isn’t.

2. What is responsible for the size of a house cat?

The question on its own isn’t ridiculous, but the way it was asked isn’t the best. However, the person who answered it made sure to be hilarious. He or she wrote the DNA sequence responsible for cat size.

3. The type of question that doesn’t have an informative answer

Scanning a mirror is definitely a good attempt to turn a screen into a mirror, but it sadly doesn’t work. A funny Yahoo answer was chosen as the most informative one because of the humorous part.

4. Is the dryer suitable to make popcorn?

Not having all the necessary money to do a certain thing can definitely make us creative. But, how would a dryer cook popcorn? Tin foil and a car engine are by far better!

Funny Yahoo Answers Based on Various Types of Humor

Sarcasm is often met in the answers given on the platform Yahoo answers. This is because some questions really ask for it. In addition, you will also read amusing answers that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Moreover, irony is also present in the given answers. So, let’s see more!

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5. Will your thumb fall off if it gets too purple?

The fact that people give funny Yahoo answers is because the questions asked are funny too. Okay, maybe this one isn’t exactly funny, but it is definitely amusing. Even so, he got a pretty sarcastic answer.

6. A microchip in your brain deactivates your social media accounts after death

Although the question itself wasn’t so bad, the answer was definitely bad! While a girl didn’t know what would happen to her MySpace account after death, someone saw an opportunity to give a mean answer.

7. Nonsense qualifies as funny Yahoo answers

The amusing part of this caption goes on multiple levels. One would be that it looks like Stevie Wonder himself answered the question. The other part you got it already!

8. Scott Kennymore’s question on eating himself

Probably a question intended to be mind-blowing, this one didn’t get a proper answer. It might be because it’s not practically possible.

9. Darkness is absorbed by a light bulb

When it comes to light bulbs, there’s a big chance only few people know things about them. However, giving funny Yahoo answers is easier. So, the conclusion was that light bulbs give light by feeding with darkness.

10. According to evolution, pigs should have wings

Not really a question with an answer, this one is funny on its own. Not to mention that it makes a great pair with SpongeBob SquarePants as background.

Sarcasm Often Used for a Yahoo Answer

When people refuse to reply nicely to a question, they usually use sarcasm in order to create a better impact for their answer.

11. An uninspired mongoose is looking for a tattoo idea 

Asking about tattoo ideas isn’t uncommon. However, since mongoose wanted to highlight his gangster roots through it, he attracted a sarcastic answer. Sarcastic Yahoo answers are just as common as funny Yahoo answer, if not more.

12. Atheists are characterized by arrogance

If you think about it, the question was way better than the answer. This is because the person who decided to answer thinks that atheism is a mental disorder that should be cured.

13. Human breast milk offer goes wrong

Since we all know what human breast milk is only suited for babies and actually required, it’s hard to give a serious answer to such a question. Happily, it got more than one funny answer!

14. Prepare for a hilarious Yahoo answer

Simply put, common sense is the name of the phobia generated by chainsaws. In fact, there is no specific term that describes this type of fear. That’s why it’s common sense to not like chainsaws as they are dangerous and featured in horror movies.

15. People with nuts allergies shouldn’t try this recipe

At first sight, the answer received was correct. It consists of a recipe. However, if you take your time to read it all, you’ll find out more about her Nazi boyfriend as well as how to put nuts in a cake and then take them out because some people are allergic.

Irony is Another Form of Humorous Answer

Irony is a form of speech that presents the humorous part of a situation.

16. The funniest names for puppies revealed in a Yahoo answer

Finding names for your pets might not be easy, so you might need some help. Luckily, someone has shared a list of funny pet names from which you can find inspiration or if not, at least have a laugh.

17. To be honest or to be hired? This is the question

According to the most funny Yahoo answers, TBH definitely doesn’t mean to be honest or to be hired. It means something else completely different and, well.. embarrassing.

18. Evolution doesn’t give you wings, but RedBull does

And now going back to the question presented before, it seems that we have a row of three answers. The best one, under my opinion is the one letting us know that RedBull gives us wings, not evolution.

19. Do rabbits have pads or they do not?

Inexperience and lack of knowledge can lead us to asking close to stupid questions. However, if you think about it, Yahoo answers was made just for that. So, why blame a poor guy for trying to find out if rabbits have pads?

20. A Yahoo question that doesn’t require a funny answer

Sometimes the Yahoo platform also holds funny questions. In fact, those are the ones generating funny answers. So, why do you think a cat vibrates?

21. A dog disguised as a cat may seem ill but it’s not

While there’s surely a serious answer for the dog’s illness, someone chose to make fun and portray it as a cat. The humor of this situation is generated by the uncommon behavior of the dog.

Funny Memes Used Instead of Written Answers

It might come to your surprise that people are actually using funny memes as answers. Of course, not many individuals actually create special memes just to use them as answers. However, those who do are quite successful!

22. There are people who take acting very seriously

As we are all accustomed with by now, Yahoo answers aren’t reliable. I’m not saying there aren’t serious people answering or individuals who actually ask serious questions.

23. HomeMom gets asked out for giving a smart answer

Although rare, some Yahoo answers are actually accurate. And they should be since this service was created for this purpose. When it happened one time, the Asker felt the need to actually ask the person who replied out. Sadly, we will never know what she replied.

24. Existential questions ask for existential answers

We don’t know what got this guy to believe that eyes aren’t real. However, his question arose other existential questions and answers as well.

25. The best Yahoo answer and a meme to accompany it

Besides finding a person who thinks the same, the Asker also got to enjoy a meme based on his question.

26. When absurdity meats its maker

A trick question gets the kind of answer that no one expected. Things get even more absurd when the Asker reveals his true reason.

27. Worried mom fails to see the truth about her son

A Yahoo answer under the form on meme, this one points out a mom’s failure to figure out something about her son.

A Mean Yahoo Answer is Effective Too

Depending on the result they want to achieve, people tend to be mean when answering lesser questions. However, them being mean might make us laugh and that’s the point here, right?

28. What if the guy was serious?

No one seems to think about the fact that some people might be serious when asking very stupid questions. He or she might genuinely not know what to do and could still be in shock. However, that’s hardly the case.

29. Could the Sun get cold enough to walk on it?

An adorable female specimen was wondering if humans will be able to walk on the Sun. Of course, the issue of it being too hot occurred. However, she and another woman concluded that the best time would be at night, during the winter. Way to go, girls!

30. Squirrels cannot carry the daisy powerline 865

A very pertinent Yahoo answer, this one was intended to be sarcastic, but also on point. The actual mistake was in the way the question was formulated.

31. Peanut butter separated just like mom and dad

A witty answer, this one is based on a funny comparison. In fact, there’s no connection between peanut butter and parents’ relationship. There types of funny Yahoo answers can also be included in the mean category.

32. Witchcraft can help you become a ghost without dying

Someone took his or her time and thought of a spell in order to help this guy out. Becoming a ghost without dying was truly a mystery until now.

33. Math never fails us regardless of the problem

The logic behind this answer written on Yahoo is missing. However, insert a few math calculations and ta-da! You have found the square root of a duck!

Amusement Type That Comes From Lack of Knowledge

Often, we find ourselves laughing of others for not knowing certain things. This is definitely wrong of us because we could do good and educate them. However, it’s also in our nature to just make fun of them.

34. There must be a medicine for everything

Medicine is made in order to alleviate or cure various health problems. However, what if it could change your sexual orientation? Well, I’ll leave you thinking about this!

35. A question answered with a meme

Memes are great ways to reply to a question or even an usual conversation. This time worked great as well, since the question didn’t need an accurate answer anyways.

36. Perplexed 14 year old doesn’t know his age

If we look behind the initial question, we will see a perplexed 14-year old who has no idea how to count or how much money is worth.

37. A video casts a curse that will result in death

We all know about the trap with the cursed videos. There were a few movies based on this idea, so let’s not be that harsh with the guy. However, Karan’s answer was expected because this topic can’t simply be taken seriously.

38. How does one get rid of the TV people?

This question got only funny Yahoo answers. And there’s no need to be surprised by other people’s humor since the question itself was a fail.

39. The specific ocean might by as big as the Pacific Ocean

A simple confusion of term led to a funny answer. This is because some people don’t pay enough attention and others don’t miss a chance to make fun of them.

Yahoo Isn’t a Reliable Q&A Platform

If you take all the funny answers into account, you can’t say that Yahoo Answers is a reliable Q&A platform, can you? Even so, you must know that there are also serious people asking pertinent questions on it.

40. I need this cake unbaked ASAP

Make sure to set the temperature right or else the eggs will turn into a chicken! So, don’t hesitate to take this pro tip into consideration!

41. A Sun so bright that even its picture hurts your eyes

This girl may be coming from another dimension where the Sun’s picture is also blinding. Not only the Sun itself.

42. The devastating effect of the CAPS LOCK 

While it’s hilarious to make fun of less knowledgeable people, this guy asked for it. He has no idea about the connection between an HDD and a simple key on the keyboard. Funny or not?

43. Think before you ask is always a good advice!

A bright answer for a not so bright question.

44. The worst advice ever masked as a funny answer

While no one actually believes that he didn’t do it on purpose the first time, this guy was advised to do it again!

45. Sarcastic Yahoo answers change history

A gullible guy now thinks that the Hunger Games movie series and the books are based on a true story. What is to blame? His naivety or the amusing part?

46. Pepsi is not the same as Coke and never will be

Can you blame a guy for being too naive? I don’t think so! Can you make fun of him? Of course you can!

The End of Funny Yahoo Answers

We are almost at the end of the funny Yahoo answers list. As it follows, you will find a few questions and answers to laugh about one more time.

So, to conclude our topic, we should say that humor is definitely present in lots of Yahoo answers, as well as Yahoo questions. In fact, the questions are those that make us respond in a funny way. Therefore, who should we thank? The person who is asking all the wrong stuff or the person who is giving a funny answer?

Regardless of your opinion, it’s good to know that you can always find something to laugh about when searching for funny Yahoo answers. They offer a virtually endless source of entertainment, as well as information, but delivered in a humorous way that might be hard to chew on.

47. Headphones do not come with teeth

The gaming world has evolved a lot lately with virtual reality and all. But, no one reached as far as inventing headphones with teeth. His fear might be real, but the biting certainly isn’t!

48. This is how unicorns were made

Although a funny topic to talk about, this was intentionally not serious. Even the Asker was curious what others would imagine based on his question.

49. Cultural differences are here to amaze us

India and Swedewald are definitely mysterious places and I think one of them doesn’t even exist. Yes, I am referring to Swedewald. Maybe he wanted to say Switzerland? Steven is definitely not a very bright individual and he’s not afraid to show it. If we get pass the question, we are left with an equally disturbing answer.


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