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 40 Funny Pick Up Lines to Enhance Your Natural Seduction Levels


Humor is a great way to someone’s heart. Based on this affirmation, if you use funny pick up lines, then you will be more successful in your seduction game. Even so, there is a fine line between taking yourself seriously and using funny pick up lines and maintaining an amusing attitude while doing so. In this regard, we will also talk about various principles that enhance your levels of attractiveness.

1. Playing with words generates humor and makes you think about the implications

This funny pick up line is definitely not a conversation starter. However, it is nice since it refers to a lengthy process.

2. A sentimental message, this one is all about sharing smiles during texting

Not really a pick up line, this message is more on the sentimental side. He or she lets someone know that his or her texts generate smiles.

3. There is no need for you to panic

More of a metaphoric line, this one associates one’s heart with a room without windows or doors.

4. Funny associations make great lines to share with a special someone

You cannot have macaroni and cheese without macaroni, so this means that the two go very well together. In the same train of thoughts, it’s like saying that you don’t feel complete without him or her.

5. Another wordplay, this one finds a correlation between someone’s appeal and a banana’s peel

Wordplay is most recommended when using funny pick up lines. This is because they often make the other person laugh or smile, depending on how good the pun is.

The Science Behind Funny Pick Up Lines

Women have a genetic inclination towards a certain type of men. They always want to be around men with a developed sense of humor, say researchers at Stanford University.

The researchers concluded that women exhibit greater brain activity than men when there is a funny situation, writes inquisitr.com. Moreover, they believe that the role of men is to give birth to humor, and women should appreciate it.

Experts scanned the brains of 22 subjects of different sexes between the ages of 6 and 13, while they watched funny videos. The female brain reacted more productively to humor, according to the study published in the journal “Social Neuroscience”. This is why women prefer partners with a developed sense of humor.

In this situation is involved the brain’s mechanism of reward. The latter is an additional argument in favor of those of you who know what a good joke means for a woman.

6. If you’re not a pineapple, then you must be a FINEapple

Hopefully no one looks similar to a pineapple, so this pick up line shouldn’t create confusion. It’s just an association of words that might be effective if you try it with the right person.

7. Get someone’s attention just to let him or her down easy with a compliment

Helping someone out with a common problem such as having something in his or her eye is a great way to get his or her attention. The fun part comes when he or she realizes there’s nothing there, but you call it a spark.

8. Runner’s World proposes a flirtatious pick up line 

This pick up line may be flattering. However, it is based more on flirt, rather than actually connecting with you person of interest.

Humor and Romance Go Hand in Hand

Psychologists have established that English humor combined with a slight dose of romance is a sure recipe for success among men.

Anthropologist Gil Greengross has been doing some research for two years that highlights the important role that humor plays in seducing women, writes the Daily Mail.

Greengross found that the success reported, for example, by Hugh Grant in romantic comedies, in which he plays the role of an incurable romantic, slightly shy but who knows how to make smart jokes, can be achieved in real life using the same methods.

“Our research shows that women are sexually attracted to men who have a sense of humor and know how to use it within the limits of common sense,” he said.

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9. Show off your qualities by highlighting what you can do as opposed to what your profession is

This funny pick up line will surely get you at least a smile. This is because the pun itself is sweet. In addition, the psychology behind it highlights your qualities wrapped in humor.

10. Three funny pick up lines from Cheesy Fries

The three come-ons presented above come together with fun graphics. However, you must think about how would these sound if you were to use them face to face.

11. Hello is always better than a corny pick up line

The meme above is all about breaking the ice, but in an honest way. Psychologists say that a simple hello might be more effective than a pick up line. This is because the one initiating the conversation tries to be himself or herself.

Avoid Self-Irony in Your Funny Pick Up Lines

Self-irony seems to have success in women, but its use also carries risks. This is because you have to know when to stop while making jokes about your own flaws. Otherwise, you are likely to obtain the opposite effect.

Greengross, who will soon publish a study on this topic in the “Journal of Evolutionary Psychology,” also says that the use of self-irony as a seduction technique by men who are already unpopular is not recommended as it makes them even more pathetic than they were before.

12. Compare your love interest with a pizza and measure his or her sense of humor

When using funny pick up lines, you are not only putting yourself in an uncomfortable position. On the contrary, you can actually discover things about the person you decided to approach. So, test his or her sense of humor with this one!

13. Add wordplay in a declaration of love to make it funny

Not everyone likes a sweet, cheesy or corny message. So, in order to avoid the embarrassment, you can actually think about using wordplay.

14. Express your feelings through a pun that refers to common knowledge

The success of a funny pick up line also depends on the references that you use. For example, Alzheimer’s is a common disease. Moreover, it is associated with forgetting things.

15. Pay attention to graphics if you play your seduction game online

The pick up lines presented in this article are meant to be used both online and offline. However, if you use them online, pay attention to the graphics as well. You wouldn’t want to send an unappealing image except if it’s truly funny.

Are Men Impressed by Funny Pick Up Lines?

Even though the evidence is clear as to how women are attracted to men who can make them laugh, the reciprocal does not seem to be valid.

In the list of qualities that most men look for in a woman, there is no sense of humor.

Funny women are not discriminated against either, but good jokes and the ability to make your partner laugh do not seem particularly sought after by most men.

16. Suffering from lack of vitamins is a real issue that must be corrected

When someone takes you seriously when you start talking, they are definitely not expecting you to continue with something witty. That’s why these types of lines actually work as ice breakers.

17. What could possibly make you look magically delicious?

Naivety is used in this pick up line. It presents a guy who was asking himself what the woman ate that she looked so delicious. Of course, this would be flattering to the woman. It’s like making a compliment but in a humorous way.

18. Comparisons are very effective when used in pick up lines

Wordplay and comparison are your friends when thinking about a pick up line.

19. A dialogue between vegetables generates humor and may sound flirtatious  

Everyone likes cute things even if some people try to hide it. So, don’t be afraid to use cute things in order to express cute things.

20. You are held responsible for someone’s blindness

This is an original way to ask for a girl’s name and phone number. Originality is generally pleasing and alluring for both men and woman. That’s why it is considered a success.

A Funny Line Denotes Intelligence.. Or Not?

A study showed that humor is considered an important clue to a man’s intelligence. Many women consider intelligence an attractive quality, both at conscious and subconscious levels, as a sign of man’s ability to support a long-term family.

Even though women’s preference for men with a sense of humor is implicitly based on their intelligence, the researchers say there is no clear link between the two.

A developed sense of humor is not always a sign of a man’s high intelligence, but women consider it an important indication in this regard.

21. Barbe-Cute is a reference to both food and a physical trait

Another wordplay formulation, this one combined two lovely things, namely food and cuteness. Not only a man’s heart goes through his stomach, but also a woman’s.

22. Simple messages delivered in a cute way can bring a smile on a person’s face

This isn’t only a funny pick up line, but also a cute one. Most women fall for cuteness, so you can give it a try!

23. Nonsense is often used in the flirting process in order to arouse interest

If you ask a question, most people will pay attention to you, in their attempt to be helpful. However, only you know there’s a pun waiting to be delivered.

To Use or Not To Use Funny Pick Up Lines

So far, all the evidence sustains the fact that humor is recommended. When you are trying to interact with a woman, you can try to be funny. The same goes for women, if that’s what they are comfortable with. This is because according to various psychological studies, men aren’t really impressed or seduced by a woman’s humor.

24. Inversion is a figure of speech guaranteed to make you laugh

If it took longer for you to decipher the message in this pick up line, then you are not accustomed with inversion. The latter is a figure of speech that twists the brain a little, giving it a task. This will arouse your person of interest’s curiosity.

25. The association of harmless words results in a funny line that may help you pick up someone

Cheese and grate make a great pair on so many dishes. That is a fact and the person you like knows it. So, if you throw in a little compliment, then you’re job is complete.

26. Confidence expressed in a manly manner may or may not offend someone you like

Being confident is great and all, but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. The line above relies more on arrogance, but the type that’s seductive.

27. Expressing a desire in an original manner is more successful

A simple “I’d like to see you again” might work, but think about embellishing that with something funny. This advice should definitely work if said person is interested. Conversely, there’s nothing you can say or do.

28. Would you like to be my BAErrito?

This is an innocent question about food, which turns into an offer to be held and become a bae. Unlike most funny pick up lines, this one is actually thought in a more complex manner. This shows effort and effort is sexy!

29. It’s a date if you have raisins!

A well-known life coach was explaining on his official website that he simply asks for stuff when he wants to talk to a girl. For example, he asks for chewing gum or for napkins. Two of the items a woman usually carries. From there on, he is just being himself and tries to have a normal conversation.

30. U are the only one missing

The feeling that we are needed and that we matter is crucial for our existence. The pick up line presented above is based exactly on this principle. Besides that, it also encompasses wordplay.

31. Give love at first sight another chance for this guy!

We must admit that this is a pretty witty line. So, if you like witty people and you’re one of them as well, don’t hesitate to use it! It might make the person laugh and that itself is enough!

32. Pair or pear; it doesn’t matter as long as we’re together

A funny line, this one could easily become offensive if we’re talking about pear-shaped bodies. Pay attention not to make this mistake.

33. A Christmas wish is of great importance in some cultures

If someone is willing to use his or her Christmas wish on you, then you should take it! Unless he or she wants something else for Christmas as well.

34. Far-fetched pick-up lines can be funny too 

Depending on the person you’re using this line on, it might be funny or not so much. It really helps if you’re not blindly saying things, but you’re also trying to read the person beforehand.

35. A compliment disguised under the form of a comparison 

In case you want to make a compliment sound more interesting and you don’t want to deliver it in a simple way, then use comparisons. In case of ice-cream, we are talking about a beloved dessert, fact which will not generate negativity.

36. Asking someone out for coffee and explaining why

Most funny pickup lines are about making simple things, but delivering them in an amusing way. The example above meets both criteria.

37. Wordplay combined with charisma results in a seductive recipe

38. Associating a compliment with a dessert by making a comparison

All funny pick up lines are based on a few simple principles. You won’t see a comparison between red lips and Hungarian goulash because it’s simply not appealing. So, only think of deserts and sweets when trying to make a comparison.

39. Do you want to tell someone he or she is cute, but you don’t know how?

Then use the funny pick-up line above! If nothing else, at least he or she will appreciate your sense of humor. Only insecure people will think about the shape of the cucumber rather than about the cute part. Pay attention to this aspect as well! Maybe you are trying to pick up the wrong person.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to add a bit of humor in your interactions. This is applicable for both men and women. Even if men aren’t that impressed by humor, you will at least seem joyful. And everyone likes happy and joyful people! In fact, specialists say that not even depressed people want to spend time with other depressed people.

So, take these funny pick up lines and try them! Or, you can adapt them and reinterpret them in your own style. Originality is a quality that not many men or women would easily overlook. Actually, wordplay is all about originality and finding words that sound similar, but mean two entirely different things.


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