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60 Funny Memes to Make You Laugh and Your Day Happier


Some people say that the more you know about funny memes, the cooler person you are. Thanks to the social media as you can find funny memes everywhere. Do you know that funny memes can also help you to take yourself less seriously, and to think outside the box? A great thing, funny memes can make your day and can be a stress-reducer too. Since laughter makes you feel really good, keep on reading for the 60 funny memes to make you laugh and your day happier.

What Exactly Is a Meme?

If you have social media accounts, then you’ll notice those captioned photos and videos with philosophical content or social idea. Funny memes are intended to be funny—and most of them ridicule human behavior while others are just a reality check. On the other hand, some memes are designed to bring awareness to social phenomenon and cultural values that can affect your thinking. Thanks to internet and social media, funny memes became popular, bringing humor and realizations to people.

What Your Sense of Humor Reveals About You?

Do you know that the studies say that a person with a good sense of humor is smarter, happier and healthier? In fact, research has found that and intelligence are deeply associated. Yes, having a good sense of humor even acknowledging funny memes is associated to having a high emotional intelligence too. After all, positive emotional states like laughter, fun, joy, and happiness increases dopamine in our brains that makes us feel good, altering our thoughts and actions in a positive way.

A great thing, having a good sense of humor can make you more attractive—to people, friends, co-workers, bosses, teachers, students, and even romantic partners. You might not be a big fan of funny memes, but you know that funny people are nice to be around. More than that, good sense of humor helps you to be more creative and flexible whether on making decisions or solving problems. You might also agree that a workplace full of fun helps you to be more productive and less stressed.

Do you find those funny memes funny or too shallow? According to experts, it takes emotional and cognitive abilities to create humor, along with funny memes and jokes. However, you must be cautious when it comes to sharing and spreading funny memes as some of them can be positive or negative. While funny memes created with positive humor evokes fun and enhance relationships, funny memes created with negative humor are more of depressing and degrading.

You might think of funny memes as a coping strategy if you have some issues in life, but make sure they are not sarcastic and ridiculous. Funny memes tend to be viral—but do you know funny people tend to be very influential too? In fact, studies have found that a person with a good sense of humor on creating funny memes and sharing them also have great confidence. But more than that, others tend to be a good listener and responsive to a person with a good sense of humor.

Funny Memes and Your Sense of Humor

Most people take things too seriously that’s why they can’t even laugh while reading funny memes. Have you tried throwing a joke or sharing funny memes with a serious friend and you end up laughing on your own? According to experts, you can develop your sense of humor if you can also laugh on yourself when you do some mistakes. Remember, we are imperfect and we do foolish mistakes from time to time. While some of serious mistakes need to be corrected, little things shouldn’t stress you out.

If you find something interesting about funny memes, why not share them with your friends? After all, laughing with friends is a simple yet great way to lessen stress. If you see some frustrations in your own life, why not make it as funny memes instead? Finding humor in your life will make things easier and lighter. There might be times and situations you find depressing, but most of them are just things you should laugh at.

If you usually use humor and jokes to cope with problems, or even share your problems with your friends in a less serious way, why not go for funny memes? If your well-meaning friends can laugh about it, then, it will make things lighter for you. If you can’t laugh on funny memes, you can fake it until you make it. It might be just a saying, but do you know that even a fake smile have positive effects on others? Thanks to social media, there is no shortage of funny memes you can laugh at.

You wouldn’t want to waste all your time on reading funny memes, but a minute or two won’t hurt. After all, you find entertainment on watching hilarious movies and shows, and funny memes are a great way of adding small fun in your day even if you’re in your hectic pace of life. A great thing, funny memes are easier to share with your friends than hilarious movies—and you can laugh together without draining too much energy.

Most of the time funny memes share someone’s embarrassing moments. A great thing, you can take yourself not too seriously and use funny memes to make your life circumstances more positive. If you can look for humor in negative circumstances, then you’ll make your life lighter and easier. Do you know that funny memes can also help you to avoid dwelling on negative things whether it’s a gossip, news, conversation, story, and other things you can’t control?

Funny memes only show that as a human, you should not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Most of the time, we say that it’s fun to be like kids—they are happy, fearless, curious and genuine unlike us adults that tend to be more logical, practical, and over-thinker. But in reality, kids take their lives lighter, and even though we got some problems to face and bills to pay, we like to be happy like them. Kids laugh at simple things, so you can find humor in funny memes too.

According to experts, funny memes can help stressful people to deal with stress. When was the last time you laugh so hard, or the last time you gave a genuine smile? You might only need to read some funny memes to amuse you and start your day right. If you learn on how to use a good sense of humor in your life, your journey will be better and more meaningful.

Benefits of Laughter—and How Funny Memes Can Help

Laughter makes you smarter and improves your focus.

According to studies, people with a good sense of humor are smarter intellectually and emotionally. But do you know that the small time you spend reading funny memes can also give your brain a boost? More than that, laughing on funny memes will help your brain sharpen your focus to make you more creative and productive. If you’re a big fan of comedy films and hilarious shows, then you’ll find funny memes amusing too.

Funny memes can lessen your stress and clear your mind.

It might sound too shallow, but a small laughter in your life can change everything—thanks to funny memes. If you’re feeling stressed the next time, look for some funny memes that will make you smile. If you’re looking into scientific explanation on how funny memes can help you, the Mayo Clinic even states that laughing can relieve the stress and tension you’re feeling. So, the next time you’re having a bad mood, resort to funny memes to help you shift your mood and energy.

Have you noticed that having too much problem to handle whether it’s a deadline, personal issues, or conflicts can affect the way you make decisions. A great thing, funny memes can help you clear your mind somehow. The key is to make you laugh whether it’s about a joke, funny memes, hilarious shows and such. According to studies, laughing even a little can help you think better, especially if there are lots of things going on.

Laughter literally burns calories just like a workout boost.

According to studies, laughing for fifteen minutes literally burn 40 calories. Science says that laughing increases your caloric expenditure and heart rate. Workouts are great to keep you fit, but laughing will also help you to achieve your fitness goals as it is the so-called mini workout similar to aerobic exercise. Yes, you should not underestimate funny memes and hilarious films as they can give you those deep-in-the-belly laughs you need.

If you feel bloated, you might simply need some funny memes that will make you laugh. When laughing, you increase your respiratory rate and heart rate that also aids your breathing. However, you should not trade those minutes of walking, running on the treadmill, regular exercise, boxing, yoga, intense workout, and such to binge watching comedy films as that wouldn’t work.

Funny memes can make you more creative.

Do you have those days that you feel less productive and tired? If you need to keep those creative juices flowing, read some funny memes that will give you a nice boost. Remember, a good sense of humor can freshen up your mind, so don’t hold back on laughing a little. If you feel more relaxed, your brain will have the power to be more artistic and creative. More than that, studies state that laughter can be an aid to memory loss. If you need to improve your memory, start with funny memes and laugh.

Laughter makes you healthy and strong.

There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine, and there are lots of backed scientific research that prove that. From reducing inflammation to decreasing stress-related hormones, laughter does great things to your body. According to studies, laughter whether it is because of a humorous joke or funny memes can help to decrease stress-related hormones, which keeps you healthy. Apart from taking lots of vitamins, having good sleep, and working out, don’t forget to laugh a little.

If you want a more scientific explanation, you should know that laugher makes your heart healthy too. According to studies, laughing literally increases blood flow to your heart—the same thing happens when you do aerobic exercise. If you’ll entertain some funny memes in your life, you also decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. More than that, laughing fights illnesses, reduces inflammations, and even heal ulcers. The next time you have a wound, just laugh at it—the thing you normally do when you were a kid.

If laughter makes you healthy, then sharing funny memes to others can also help them feel better. Who wouldn’t want to be with people that make you laugh? On the contrary, toxic people make you feel drained and exhausted, so share funny memes instead of rants and negativities on social media. Whenever you can, look for new funny memes that can make you laugh—it is just free and cheap medicine. If you have a good sense of humor, you’ll make your life happier and meaningful.

Funny memes can help you get through difficult times.

You might be taking your life too seriously and that affects how happy and stressful you are. Funny memes are great for making some life struggles something to laugh at. As a result, you can view things in a more positive way rather than making them distressing. A great thing, funny memes can help you to find laughter in any negative situation, helping you to cope with it and make it easier. Most of the time, we stress ourselves too much, and a little humor is all we need to make things better.

Laughter helps you deal with anxiety and depression.

Whether you have a high or low pain tolerance, laughter can help you to make things better. According to studies, the more you laugh the more your body release feel-good endorphins. Yes, you have a lot of good reasons to look for funny memes. When you feel depressed, you might find it harder to laugh, but that doesn’t mean you’ll just let your mood give you a bad day. If funny memes tickles your bone, then go for them. After all, you just want to make yourself feel better.

Most of the time, funny memes are totally out of the blue, but still they can give us the unexpected laugh we need. Don’t be kill joy when it comes to taking jokes as laughter can really help you to deal with anxiety and depression. Remember, most of the things are about on how we react, not what really happens to us. Our reaction could be positive or negative, but going for a positive choice will make a big difference.

Funny memes can help you create connection with others.

Laughter is great for strengthening relationships whether in a form of funny memes, hilarious joke, or a comedy film. Have you heard of the saying that laughter is the shortest distance between two people? You can simply send your friends some funny memes to connect with them. Remember, we feel better being with someone funny, and having a good sense of humor will also make you attractive to others. So, start with funny memes and share them with your circle of friends.

Remember, having online friends aren’t enough. Social media might made things easier as you can easily add a friend with one click. However, overuse of social media is unhealthy for friendships and relationships. Remember, online friends could not hug you we you need some care and attention so never trade your chance to bond with real persons than just spending time on social media. Funny memes are great to be shared with your online friends, but there’s nothing better than a real talk and bonding.

How Funny Memes Can Make Your Friendships and Relationships Better

Creating funny memes can make you look more approachable.

We all know that friendship isn’t about just sharing laughs over a cup of coffee, but sharing fun with others will help you create more connection. Some people think that it’s harder to make friends when you’re older, but maybe that’s because you take your life too seriously and forget to have some fun. More than that, we tend to be pickier with our friends when we became adults as we know they can influence us in your goals and choices in life.

If you know yourself better, then you also know what kind of friend you’ll like to be with. A great thing, funny memes can make you look more attractive to prospective friends. According to experts, first impression can make or break communication, and it will affect whether you’ll be friends with someone or not. Apart from sharing a funny meme, pay attention to your body language and facial expressions. If you don’t look approachable, then others will likely not talk to you.

Sharing a funny meme with an acquaintance is just a first step to make new friendships. According to experts, some might be too busy on their work or spending time with their older friends, forgetting that they can also make new friends and relationships with others. If you want to start connection with others, think of funny memes others can relate too. Friendships usually start from casual talks to deeper bonding, and you just need to do your part.

Funny memes can help you to be more social and happy person.

Do you know that the happiest people have the strongest relationship ties and the most social? A great thing, happiness, along with funny memes is contagious. That’s the reason why happy person get along with another happy person. A great thing, a simple talk with your friend can lead to deeper conversations. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk with your close friend. If you think that was a very long time ago, then, don’t hesitate to catch up and send him some funny memes!

Instead of waiting for your friend to call you or invite you for a dinner, take the initiative. You can just ask him to suggest plans and ask his schedule so you’ll know if both of you are in the same page. Remember, your circle of friends should be the ones who raise a glass when you have good news, and they are also the ones that remind us if we’re getting off the track. And more than that, real friendship contributes to our happiness, well-being, and health.

Activities you enjoy no matter how big or small are great to make friends.

Whether you like learning to play piano or simply want to read good books, your hobbies and the things you do in our leisure time matter. Most of the time, we find it hard to make new friends and trust new people, but getting involved in activities you enjoy might be a good start to meet new acquaintances that you can be friends with. Funny memes tend to be appealing with people with a good sense of humor, and sharing it with others will help you to find common interests.

If you find creating funny memes fun, then you can turn your simple hobby into a social activity. Social media are great for sharing your ideas and thoughts, and they can be great for connecting with new people and old friends. Online friends might not be healthy, but connecting with your known friends through social media can help to keep in touch. If you want to take the risk, share some funny memes on social media and see who will comment on your post and you can be friends with them online.

Remember, doing the activities you love or visiting the places you enjoy will help you to meet like-minded people that can be your friends in the long run. If you’re active in your church but can’t find someone you get along with, then you might think of your hobbies and passion and talk about it to other people who have the same interests as you. After all, it is easier to start a conversation about things that matters to you, and sometimes, funny memes can do the tricks.

Funny memes can help you develop a positive attitude.

Most of the time, funny memes ridicule human behavior and mistakes, making look appear less serious and emotional. Do you know that a positive attitude is one of the traits that can make friendships and relationships stronger? In fact, you will surely choose to spend with people with positive mindset over toxic and pessimistic ones. However, you might want to rethink your funny memes if they are getting sarcastic or offensive that will only make people not enjoy your company.

Funny memes can help to start new friendship, especially if you use humor positively. Remember, people tend to draw closer to ones with positive mindset and good character, and your humor reveals a lot about you. How do you want to be remembered at your workplace and school? Are you a snobby person or someone thoughtful and friendly? More than that, are you a joker and someone fun to be with? You can take advantage of funny memes to show others who you really are.

Sharing funny memes makes the first move easier.

Most of the time, we wait for others to make the first move either approach us or talk to us, but sharing memes will make things more effortless at the same time less obvious. If you make the first move, then you also give the chance for others to be friends with you. If you see someone as a potential friend, start with a casual conversation—share a funny meme, ask questions, tell your stories and such. More than that, a simple funny meme can help you to keep in touch with old friends.

Remember, friendship is about having quality time to spend together, so always be thoughtful to stay in touch regardless how busy you are in your life. Do you know that one of the best ways to make your acquaintance a friend is seeing and taking to him consistently? According to experts, acquaintances are tougher to be friends with if you don’t talk to them more than a month. To keep in touch, simply send some funny memes that can make them laugh and make new connections with you.

Most of the time people invite us to dine with them or party with them but we often decline their invites. Do you know that these opportunities are great to meet new people that can be your potential friends in the future? If you can talk to them without important words to say, simply send them some funny memes that can be a new start of conversation. Remember, friends are talking anytime they want even if it’s just about pointless talk or random thought.

Funny memes can help to turn acquaintances to friends.

Most of the time, the online friends that you have are acquaintances—ones you casually met at parties, exchange small talks and such. It’s true that funny memes can help to connect with your acquaintances, but depending on how you use it, you can make your acquaintances as friends. Remember, real friends know you better whether it’s your goal in life, values, and even the things that matter to you. To start making your acquaintance a friend, simply share something more personal to him.

Most of the time, acquaintances are ones that we know because we see them, but we don’t normally share some personal things to them. It is true that real friends are hard to find, but when you found them, keep them. Remember, your circle of friends can influence your life for the better or for the worst, so choose your friends wisely. Do you know that according to studies, only about six of your friends could be considered a confidant?

Funny memes can help you choose companions and friends wisely.

Most of the times, friends share the same humor and values, and funny memes can be a great indication if both of you will click together or not. Remember, you don’t have to be everyone’s friend. The most important thing that matters is to have a few real friends whom you share same values and goals. True friends might be straight forward to tell you the truth, but be wary of ones that only criticize and insult you. You might not be able to choose your family, but you have the right to choose your friends.

To build strong friendship, be yourself and take off that mask. Most of the time, we hide our true selves and pretend to be someone we are not. True friends must accept who you really are, so just be yourself. Also, keep in mind that developing deep relationship with someone takes time. Whether you’re throwing jokes or creating funny memes, be sensitive to other’s feelings. After all, you want to be the kind of friend you want your friends to be for you.

Funny memes give you the perfect excuse to connect with old friends.

Do you also find it hard to maintain friendships? Most of the time, we are too busy in our lives, and we don’t have time to bond with our friends. Also, you might have different priorities, goals, and interests in our lives than before, so you and your friends find it hard to get along together. Remember, maintaining good friendships need some time and effort. If you find it hard to keep in touch with your old friends, then start with sending funny memes to them.

Some life experiences are meant to be taken seriously while others are just things you must laugh at. A great thing, having a sense of humor will let you transform an unpleasant experience into creative learning. Indeed, funny memes can help to make you laugh and make your mornings better. Just keep these funny memes handy so you’ll have something to share in any situation.


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