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75 Breakup Quotes That Will Make Moving On Easier


Relationship is one of life’s blessings—it creates opportunities for personal growth and adds meaning to your world—but some last and some don’t. However, a breakup with someone you really love is a painful process and it requires courage to finally move on from an ex. If your relationship just ended and it is difficult for you to handle this change, keep on reading for the 75 breakup quotes that will make moving on easier.

Reasons Why Some Good Relationships End

Some are unfaithful and have a habit of cheating.

Whether you’re married or not, faithfulness is essential to your relationship. If you find yourself falling out of love to your partner or there are some needs he can’t give to you, let him know your feelings. It would be better to discuss matters as early as possible. It is better than he’ll figure out sooner that you already fell in love with someone just because he’s not enough. If you love your partner, avoid temptations which can start by hanging out with an opposite sex too often.

Bad behaviors ruin good relationships.

If you can’t give up smoking or drinking too much alcohol, then how can you say that you really care for your partner? Remember, love involves sacrificing and you cannot sacrifice bigger things if you cannot let go of smaller things. It is better to discuss sensitive things before getting involved in a relationship, so both of you know what to expect from each other. Most of the time, people don’t change, so consider those bad behavior if you’re really ready to deal with them once he became your partner.

Hurtful speech and misdirected anger give heartaches.

How many times you’ve said hurtful words that you soon regret because of anger? Remember, hurtful words will never be forgotten, it could only be forgiven. Some breakup quotes even say that you deserve love and encouragement in a relationship, but how can you do that if you say hurtful words every time you get mad? More than that, it wouldn’t be fair for your partner to be an outlet for your bad mood. Always use words to heal, not to hurt so you’ll always have a loving relationship.

Stealing and lying are a poison in any relationship.

There might be some truths that are better kept, but lying won’t make your relationship stronger. This is especially true if she caught you lying one time as she won’t likely believe you the next time you’re telling the truth. Breakup quotes are there to help you move on, but not tolerate your wrong doings and behaviors. Since financial issues are the common cause of divorces, better discuss things with your spouse so she’ll know what to expect and where to stand.

You haven’t established good communication with your partner.

Do you know that a good communication is the key to understanding each other? Unfortunately, most people find their partners the problem, not their lack of communication. If you have a good communication, you’ll be able to discuss different things and avoid future problems. When it comes to relationship, communication is important, whether you’re discussing your problems or simply sharing the smallest detail to your partner.

You have a lot of differences in values and needs.

You might have some similarities, but expect you also have some differences. Are you on the same page when it comes to money, religion, family, and such? Are your differences really a big deal or you just need to be flexible when you’re with your partner? For instance, if your partner loves music and spends more time in a music store, why not show interest to his hobby so the two of you can bond together? Take advantage of your differences to learn something new from your partner.

Both of you are moving in different directions and growing apart.

Are you and your partner a childhood sweetheart and in a romantic relationship for years? Most of the time, people are changing along with their goals, priorities, dreams, and outlook in life. Do you spend most of your college years together as a couple, but she decided to study even more after you both graduated and you’ve got other interest in life? To avoid getting surprised, better renewing your relationship periodically and discuss your new expectations and plans together.

You’re unable to handle emotional triggers and recurring fights.

Most of the time, the emotional triggers are the result of poor communication. We all have our needs, and we must let our partner know what are they so he’ll know where to stand. This way, you’ll also avoid reacting to your partner’s action whether you feel like he’s not supporting you or he’s not appreciating your efforts. If you’ll discuss things one by one, you’ll avoid recurring fights. Some breakup quotes even say that it feels better to be alone than to always fight with someone.

It’s easier for both of you to give up.

Relationship is about making things work together not give up. There’s a hard work involve in making the relationship work, and giving up will only end it too soon. Relationship is a partnership of two people, so it matters that both of you don’t give up on each other. If you give up on him too soon, then how can he fight for you? The key is to communicate what needs to be done without blaming each other. After all, your goal is to resolve the issue, not to insist who is right or wrong.

You let your pride and selfishness reign.

Most of the time, conflicts arise because you hurt one’s ego, and you’re selfish enough to show humility. Do you find some of his activities not worth your time and energy? Those activities might not interest you, but are you not thinking of the chances of bonding with your partner if you’ll give some time on his hobby? If you want to make your relationship last, you must be supportive.

Also, do not withhold love and attention to your partner. If he asked you some favors and you’ve already turned down a lot of them, he will likely not seek support and understanding from you anymore. If your partner really matters to you, forget your pride as it won’t make things better. In fact, your pride and selfishness can even make you lose your partner.

Stages of Breakup and Moving On


If your ex became your life, or even your world, it would be shocking to accept the situation that you cannot be together again. However, the first thing you must do to move on is to accept the truth of your situation. Do you refuse to accept the fact that your relationship is finally over? Unfortunately, most people believe in their hope that one day your ex will come back to you. If you dwell on your inflated hope, you just make the things more painful to deal with.


Once the reality sinks in, you’ll start asking why. Depending on your situation, your anger might be directed towards yourself, your circumstance, or even your partner. Most of the time, you’ll start blaming your ex why he allowed bad things to happen and such. There are some breakup quotes that encourage healing and forgiveness, which can also help you too deal with anger.

While it is normal to get angry when someone did you wrong, you should not let yourself to be consumed with anger. Remember, you can say or do things that you’ll soon regret if they are directed with anger. One way to do that is to acknowledge that for some reason, you have some faults too. After all, it will take two persons to make or break a relationship.


Depending on your situation, the bargaining stage could mean asking your ex for a second chance, or dwelling on “if only” and “what ifs”. In this stage, you might have already released your anger and have a clearer mind, making you realize you did some wrongdoings too. However, it might tend you to strive to be a better person to save the relationship, or demand your ex to be a better individual to deal with.

In this stage, you are more willing to do everything to make things right or even blame yourself for what happened. Also, there’s a chance that you would simply want to be a martyr and bear the pain with your ex instead of losing him forever. Unfortunately, this will only make moving on harder since you would attempt to fix all the problems and carrying all the burden of relationship.

You have to remember that relationship is a responsibility of two person not yourself alone. If you’ll try to save what’s broken but your ex isn’t willing to do so, you’re just making things harder for both of you. Do not take responsibility for the broken relationship, and don’t think that you control over it. Cry if you must, but never beg for love since it wouldn’t be love if someone will feel pity for you.


Once you realized your relationship can never be repaired, you’ll feel helpless and depressed. You’re thinking that you were not good enough, not deserved to be loved and such. It’s normal to get depressed after a breakup, so think of talking to your friends and family. Since you feel unworthy, you must do some activities that will make you feel useful and productive. Why not think of cooking a challenging recipe or even starting a new hobby that will make you happy somehow?


At first, you’ll feel you have to surrender and give up because there’s nothing you can do to repair your relationship. In this stage, you’re starting to realize that some good things don’t really last, and you and your ex are not meant for each other. You might already have a clearer mind and think that the breakup is the wisest decision you have done simply because the reasons are real and the problems can’t be solved.

You may still feel lonely, but honesty and reality is more important for you. Sooner, you’ll start thinking about the future that you are able to handle relationships in a better way because breakup made you a better person. Moving on is more of accepting rather than forgetting. You’ll still remember the painful things that happened in the past, but you won’t be affected or feel the pain anymore.

How to Get Over a Breakup and Move On

Remember the reason why you broke up.

Enduring the pain of a breakup is a hard, but remembering the reason why you came up with a decision will make things easier. This is especially true if your ex-boyfriend cheated on you. While it is completely up to you to forgive and give him the second chance or let go, do you really deserve such kind of guy that couldn’t stay loyal to you? How sure are you that he won’t make the same mistake when both of you get married?

If he got some shortcomings and weaknesses that made you decide to break up with him, how sure are you that he’ll change for the better? Remember, you would want to be in a relationship that makes you a better person, and hoping for your partner to change for the better is like having a rehabilitation project. If he doesn’t have the qualities you need in a future husband, why stay in a relationship that you don’t deserve?

Make peace with the past.

It’s just normal to feel pain and resentment for some time, but if it’s already running your life it’s time to accept the things as they are and make peace with the past. Do you know that holding on your grudges, pain, and bitterness from your past can affect your present life, and can even make your future darker? It’s true that it’s painful when someone betrayed your trust, but dwelling on it will also affect your present relationship with others as well as your future.

If you loved your old friend in the past and you ended your unhealthy relationship, you might tend to avoid new friendships because you’re afraid that the same issue will happen again. However, it would be unfair for new people in your life to be judged the same way you see your old friends. Most breakup quotes are encouraging us to be a better person, not a bitter person.

You can make peace with your past if you’ll forgive your ex, your old friend, and even yourself. This way, you’ll be able to face new relationships with a fresh and positive perspective. If you realize you’re holding on your grudges for too long, it’s time to heal and move on. You might even realize that you’re still affected with what happened in the past if you’re still rejecting new relationships whether it is a friendship or a romantic one.

Get rid of the relationship reminders.

When dealing with breakup, you have to stick to your goal of moving on, and you cannot do that if you always remember the things about your ex. There are lots of breakup quotes that encourage us to forget everything about your past relationship, but never forget the lessons it gave you. You may always remember the places you used to go to and the love songs you used to listen to together, but if you won’t dwell on them, everything will be fine eventually.

You may discard those love letters, anniversary gifts, pictures, and such. However, if you think you can stay as good friends with your ex once the pain subsides and both of you became happy in your own lives, then keep them somewhere that you don’t see often. Some women even throw them out, but you can also ask your best friend to keep them for you so you won’t be able to see them.

Let go of the fantasy.

Some people over-think about why their relationships came into an end, along the things they should have and should not have done. If you really want to move on from your breakup, let go of the fantasy of having your ex-boyfriend back. If you find yourself longing for the good times with your ex, it’s time to get busy and set new goals for yourself so you’ll have new memories to remember.

Remember, you cannot change the person, so do not idealize who want him to be. Let go of the thoughts that things should be working only if he is a better person. Your goal is to move on, so don’t make things worse by repeating the thoughts when you were still together and happy. Life is like a book for where some people will play roles on your life’s chapter, but not a part of your happy ending.

Remind yourself that your happiness isn’t dependent on your ex.

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There are lots of breakup quotes that say happiness comes from within, or happiness isn’t dependent on something or someone. So, find happiness in the life that you have right now. Don’t think that you’ll only be happy in certain conditions, or if you’ll be happy if you already moved on. Why not do the things you can’t do before just because you’re spending your precious time with your ex?

Think of starting a new hobby, learning a new skill, or doing something new. Do you know that setting new goals for yourself is also great to be really happy with your own company? In fact, some women felt they were ripped of their confidence and self-esteem after a breakup, and decided to do some things that prove their worth, eventually finding happiness in their decisions.

Love yourself more.

If you love yourself, you’ll know that you deserve a better person and a loving relationship, making the process of moving on easier. There are some love songs and breakup quotes that highlight the importance of loving yourself, so do it. Apart from your friends and family, treat yourself better. If you need to forgive yourself, do it. There might be things you could have done to get different outcomes, but you cannot turn back the time.

Do not blame yourself for what happened even though you did the wrongdoing. It’s better to learn the lessons from your mistakes, but penalizing yourself won’t do any good. Yes, you should turn the pain into a gain and move on. A great thing, your past relationship gave you and your ex some lessons to learn, which is essential in handling future relationships.

That’s the reason why some people became a better person when they broke up with their exes, and also became a better lover in their next relationships. The next time you engage in a new relationship, you’re a better person and more mature to handle challenges. If you’ll love yourself, you’ll be able to love the other person wholeheartedly, making a healthy, loving relationship.

Think of breakup as a new beginning.

Once you broke up with your ex, don’t entertain new romantic relationships too soon. Breakup quotes often say that breakup is a new beginning, but beginnings do not apply only to romantic interests. You can start a new hobby, a new life, a new career, a new friendship and such. A new beginning is the perfect time to look things in a new perspective whether it’s on your goals, dreams, and aspirations in life.

Do you know that some women even became an achiever after moving on from their exes? You can invest in yourself to be a better person, a prettier woman, or even a healthier individual. Why not set new goals for yourself, ones that you cannot do before when you were in a committed relationship? If you’ll stay positive and optimistic after your breakup, you’ll open doors for new opportunities.

Relationships are meant to be filled with love, happiness, and hope, but if they are causing you pain, it’s time to let go. After all, painful experiences are giving you lessons that are essential for your personal growth. So, always keep these breakup quotes on mind so you’ll make moving on easier.


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