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100 Best Friend Quotes to Make Your Friendship Stronger


Do you have a best friend who’s always there for you, someone who stays with you despite of many bumps in the road, and give you the total freedom to be yourself? Friendship is one of the priceless possessions we can have, and it’s a blessing that we would love to cherish forever. Unfortunately, not every friendship last forever, so keep on reading for the 100 best friend quotes to make your friendship stronger.

What Friendship Really Means?

There are lots of best friend quotes that define the word friendship. We all know that friendship is a bond between two people who love and support each other unconditionally. To give deeper meaning on friendship, psychologists define it as a relationship that involves participation and interdependence. More than that, friendship requires trust, love, respect, and support, which makes your relationship last.

Your best friend is a kind of friend that engages with you, and you have mutual interests, thoughts, and experiences that create your connection. Most of the time, friendship starts from a shared hobby or interest whether you love reading, taking care of pets, engaging in adventurous activities and such. And both of you are attracted to each other because of similarities in your life whether it’s a culture, family background, religion, tradition, or even dreams in life.

While real friendship takes time to develop, some friendships are likened to a lightning strike, for where you’ll meet one person and you’re instantly became close friends. Regardless of your definition of real friendship, genuine friendships are essential to our happiness. A great thing, there are lots of best friend quotes that will make you realize the importance of your friends, along with thoughts to make your friendship stronger.

If you were not born in a family full of love and support, having a best friend in your life is a blessing. Do you know that studies even stated that people with good friends are happier, more self-confident, and have a sense of fulfillment? More than that, real friends sometimes put your first than themselves, making you feel you’re not alone in facing your life’s battles.

Aristotle’s Philosophy on 3 Kinds of Friendship

An Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle is known for his teaching and writings. In fact, some of them became the foundation of studies and philosophy. In fact, he is one of the teachers of Alexander the Great, and also established Lyceum, in Athens. He might be known for his tragedy and epic poetry, but Aristotle also has some contributions on the philosophy of friendship.

  1. Friendships of Utility

Do you have friends just because you’re in the same school, doing the same business, and attending the same workshop? Most of the time, these friendships are tied because of the benefits you gain from each other, therefore a “friendship of utility”. Unfortunately, this is a self-interested friendship for where you only appreciate your friend because he’s beneficial to you.

Most of the time, these friends are also the ones who manipulate and use you for their social status and recognition. Do you have a friend at work who only remembers you when you need to contribute for his project, but never bother to ask you how you are doing in your life? Friendship of utility is shallow and can be easily dissolved. Classmates, workmates, business partners, and even church mates belong to this group.

This friendship does not have emotional attachment since it only based on benefits one can get. A great thing, some friendship can start based on utility, but depending on the person, it can grow into a deeper friendship. You might know a friend that is useful to you, but sooner or later you get to know his true nature and find him as someone you can keep and share your life with.

  1. Friendships of Pleasure

Have you got a friend that you always remember to call whenever there’s a party, a celebration, or an adventure, but never call him whenever you’ve got some problems? Friendships of pleasure are the ones who bond together just to enjoy. Do you have some gym buddies that you usually meet at the gym and forget when you have some problems to deal with?

Friendship of pleasure is all about having a good time with. However, when it comes to sharing your secrets and problems, they are not the one you lean on maybe because they are not that trustworthy or sensible. Sometimes, the friends that you want to feel the sense of belongingness fall into this category. Think of playing guitar together, learning a new skill together, and such. If you want to take your friendship to the next level, think of best friend quotes that will make your relationship stronger.

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  1. Friendships of the Good

The most meaningful and deepest kind of friendship is friendship of the good, which is based on respect, trust, and love. Have you got a friend who’s willing to sacrifice a lot of things for you, or even die with you? These kinds of friends are hard to find, develop, and keep. There’s even a best friend quote that says real friends are like gems or even diamonds because they are priceless and harder to find.

Do you have friends that really care for you, and can even say the harsh advice just to bring you back to your senses? These friends are the ones you share the same goal or even vision, and you reach those dreams together. Also, this is the kind of friendship for where one will love you regardless of your weaknesses and flaws, but still not tolerate you on doing the wrong things.

These friends are also your confidants and your shoulder to cry on. You share life’s challenges together, good and bad experiences together, fun and sad memories together, and share secrets and keep promises with. There’s a best friend quote that say that when you’ve found a real friend once in your life, you already won a priceless reward.

Why Some Good Friendships Don’t Last

  1. You don’t have the perfect excuse to bond together.

Do you know that a research even states that we usually lose and replace our friends every seven years whether it is intentionally or not? It’s not a hard rule, as some friendships last longer and some don’t even last for more than three years. One of the reasons psychologists concluded is that you don’t have the perfect excuse to bond together whether it is legally or emotionally.

Unlike marriage with a formal commitment, friendship doesn’t have it, that’s why it can end without giving a reason why. There are friendships that simply stop when you cease seeing or talking to each other, even though there are friends that feel like a family to us. In psychology, there is a proximity principle that can affect your friendship with one person. Do you know that we are usually more attracted to friends that are nearer to us?

Think of some scenarios—some friends started because you’re together in a church meeting, you’re in the same office, or you came from the same school and such. The concept simply explains that we tend to get attached to people that we see on a regular basis. Unfortunately, distance is usually the downfall of some friendships, and it can make you just a “somebody” a close friend used to know. If you’re missing your friend, try to send him some best friend quotes to remind him of your friendship.

  1. Poor communication set you apart.

Whether you had some misunderstandings or simply stop talking to each other, poor communication can put an end to your friendship. Sometimes, a small misunderstanding can put some strain to your friendship, making you feel uncomfortable talking to each other. Instead of dealing with a so-called cold war, better discuss things and have a closure if needed.

More than that, some friends only talk to you when you’ve got some common things to discuss whether it’s an assignment from your boss or simply a common occasion to attend to. Remember, real friendship is deeply interested into each other’s welfare. If you don’t find digging into your friend’s life interesting, then you might just consider him as a friend of pleasure like Aristotle said.

  1. Other relationships take priority over friendship.

This is especially true if your best friend got a new circle of friends, or he got engaged in a romantic relationship. It’s true that balance in your relationships is needed, but family and romantic relationships are often the priority, not your friendship with someone. If your friend really matters to you, tell him that you have some priorities at the moment, but give him some time for him next time.

Unfortunately, when someone feels that his friend only puts you second, it hurts a bit, and affects your friendship. Even though you still talk sometimes, time passes and there would be instances where you’ll only see each other on social media just like his acquaintances. It is really hard to find and keep real friends, but if you know their worth, you’ll do everything to make your friendship last.

  1. There’s a change in your lifestyle and goals.

We all know that a friendship can start with a common interest, goal, or vision in life. Unfortunately, our lives are constantly changing. Whether you just shifted your career recently, just graduated from college, just got married and have kids, moved from one workplace to another and such, there would be changes in your friendship.

Most of the time, friendship is tied with a common goal and vision. This is especially true when you’ve got some friends in your church, but one day you decided to pursue a dream or career that they find too ambitious and they feel not connected with your ideals and your friendship ends. Even you expect your friend to understand you, there’s still a part of them that makes you feel a bit different.

That there’s something changed whether it’s the same perspective you had together or the dream that you started together. While some friendships can handle this change, some are not, so better think of best friend quotes that will make you realize you are your real friends. Some friendships are rooted from the same vision or a common goal, but real friendship will last regardless of the changes happened in your life.

Ways to Be a Great Best Friend

  1. Be yourself and give your friend the freedom to be himself.

Friendships usually started on commonalities, so be real as always. Most people pretend to be someone they are not, and you’re usually turned off by that so why be like them? There are some best friend quotes that say friendship allows you to be yourself no matter how funny or crazy you may seem. More than that, you would like your friend to know the real you, not the mask you’re wearing.

If you’re in the public eye, you tend to be conscious on the way you talk, the way you move, the way you deal with people and such. Sometimes, you want to look great and presentable to others, but when you’re with your friends, you let your guard down and you feel too comfortable to show everything about you. If you’re relaxed and real, your friends will also feel the same way.

Don’t you find it impressive to have someone that you think look too pretty or handsome, but so comfortable making funny faces around you and don’t double think about how they look? Remember, real friends are relaxed around each other, so if you don’t feel like yourself whenever you’re with a friend, then probably you need more time to know each other, or simply you don’t have the same wavelength.

The key is to be real and show who you really are. After all, you don’t want to spend time with someone who’s not genuine with others. Remember, your real friend will love and accept the real you regardless of your flaws and weaknesses. If you feel like you demand perfection from your friend, take time to read some best friend quotes that will make you realize the meaning of true friendship.

  1. Think of heart-to-heart talks, not just casual talks.

Good communication strengthens your friendship. If you’re not a vocal person, why not try to send your friends some best friend quotes to brighten up their day? Also, think of talking to your friends deeply and honestly. A real friend knows his friend better than everyone else, so take time to listen and pay attention to important details.

It’s just easy to talk on random topics just like their acquaintances, but a real friendship will show deeper interest in your friend—whether it is about his family, his life goals, his deep secrets, his problems and such. Also, be brave to tell them a brutal honesty than a lie as a real friend will say the things that you need to hear, not just the things you want to hear.

Does your friend needs a shoulder to cry on? Most of the time, your friend needs your listening ear and presence even if you don’t say anything. It’s easier to comment on social media and send likes, but that’s not how lasting friendship works. Unfortunately, we sometimes let social media lessen the quality time and conversation our friend deserves.

  1. Be thankful and appreciate your friendship.

Some people are not vocal in their thoughts and feelings, but it wouldn’t hurt to say “thank you”, “I miss you”, or even “I love you” to a friend. If you can’t say it out loud, you can write them in a short note, or simply text them with best friend quotes that you like. Or, you can make some efforts to make your friends feel loved just like giving some simple gifts, having dinner with them, or even doing the same hobby that you love to do together.

  1. Spend some quality time with your best friend.

It’s great if you and your friend see each other on a daily basis. But if not, you have to some effort to see and bond with them. You can actually think of watching movies together or dine together just to catch up. Don’t be contented that you see your friend daily on social media, take time to see each other in real life. To keep your friendship stronger, do your best to capture the moments you’re together, so you’ll have something to look at whenever you miss your friends.

  1. Give the emotional support your friend needs.

It’s true that your friends laugh at you and make fun of you sometimes, but when it comes to serious talks, you should give emotional support to them. Know when to throw a joke and when to cheer them up. There’s a best friend quote that says you can help your friend stand up after he stumbles, but it is when you’re done laughing. If you can, send them some best friend quotes to make them feel appreciated.

Do you know that a physical touch is comforting too? Don’t hesitate to give your friend a hug or even a kiss when they need it. Whether your friend has a supportive family or not, motivate them all the time. You must take time to know their hobbies, their goals, and their dreams in life so you’ll know where to push them. If you share the same dreams, then reach your goals together.

  1. Don’t let your pride reigns—forgive.

Most of the time, we hurt the most when our friends done us wrong than what other strangers have done to us. Remember, your friend is human too, and like everyone else, he could say a word that hurts us, do things that makes us feel bad and such. When you feel like you want to give up your friendship, try to know where he’s coming from or read some best friend quotes to remind you of the importance of friendship.

If you’re the one who hurt your friends’ feelings, admit your mistakes and say sorry. It might seem hard to swallow your pride, but remember what really matters. If your friend has done wrong to you and feels sorry about it, be willing to forgive him and make things work. Remember, no one is perfect, so expect to encounter a speed bump on your journey.

Are you willing to give the benefit of the doubt just to save your friendship? You may lose in an argument, but you can still win your friend, so what really matters to you? Don’t give up on your friend just because of his mistakes. After all, it’s just a mistake that he did, and it is not part of his individuality. You might have lots of similarities, but having differences is just okay as long as you respect each other’s decisions and viewpoints in life.

  1. Introduce your friends to your other circle of friends and family.

If you’re proud of your friend, you’ll show him to your family, friends, and relatives. Do you know that introducing him to the people that matter to you will make him feel he’s really a part of your life? You might have a best friend that’s a friend of everyone. Instead of getting jealous, appreciate and love the people that matters to him. He will appreciate you even more if you value and respect his friends and family the way he does.

  1. Keep your promises.

Great friends are best on keeping secrets and promises. You should never give up on your friendship regardless of the problems and challenges you face. There’s actually a best friend quote that states a real friend sticks closer than a brother. If he trusted you with a secret, don’t break that trust. You can share your secrets with him too and you wouldn’t want your friend to spill it with somebody else. Yes, real friendship will last if you know how to take care of it.

Indeed, friendship isn’t all about perfection, but loving each other deeply despite of flaws and imperfections. With these best friend quotes, you’ll be able to make your friendship stronger.


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