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75 Best Man Bun Hairstyles And Their Maintenance+ Gallery (2020)


From the ancient aesthetics of Rama in Ramayana to Brad Pitt in Hollywood, bun hairstyles changed its course of style, significance, and meaning in general. Not only for women, but bun hairstyles are also famous for men in modern times. For men, it is one of the never-dying fashions that has gained much popularity among general citizens to movie stars and the sportsmen. Today, the bun hairstyle for men has become a part of fashion. When we say men bun, it may be just understood as a hairstyle where all the hairs are pulled up and tied up in a circular structure. But man bun has many categories with different ways of styling depending upon the length and textures of the hair. In this hairstyle, a long length of hair is needed which is tied up (either all or a part of it) making a bun at the top or at the lower part of the head. It may have been practiced for many years back. But in the modern world, it gained more popularity after some celebrities like David Beckham, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bradley Cooper, Harry Styles, etc. The influence of such stars has made bun hairstyles a major part of fashion for the youngsters these days. Many people have several confusions and misconceptions about growing hair and about the bun hairstyles. From the creation of man buns to its various types, the safety of hair on bun hairstyle is a vital significance in modern fashion.


How to Create a Man Bun?

It is obvious that creating a man bun needs long hair. Hair length of at least 10 inches is necessary for making a good bun hairstyle. A lot of patience and good care of hair with regular wash and hair nutritions for making your hair grow long and strong.

So, when you have got enough length you can tie up according to the style you prefer.

How to maintain long hair?

This is the major topic where a lot of debates and misconceptions have arisen. Many people suggest washing hair daily and regular shampooing it. Washing hair regularly with shampoo keeps hair free of dust and unwanted grease. But the truth is that natural oils present in the hair are mostly responsible for the development of hair. With regular use of shampoo, the natural oils are lost and the additive chemicals present in the shampoo weakens the root of the hair which later causes hair fall, dry hair problems, and the parting of the hair at the tip of the hair. So, using shampoo for three times of the week is enough for keeping your hair clean.

How to care about hair in an awkward phase?

An awkward phase means the stage of hair where front hair is long enough to tie a knot but side hair and locks are not long enough. In such conditions, you can use hair oils and comb your hair neatly, if you are trying to get long hair at sides too. Otherwise, you can trim out the side hairs and make a bun with the front hair only.

How long does it take to get a man bun?

Firstly, to make a hair bun you need enough length of hair. It is very good if you already have hair above 10 inches but if you are starting with very short hair, it may take you over a year to get a good length of hair enough for making a bun. After getting enough length, a messy hair bun can be done quickly and some other types may take a few minutes to meet your hairstyle need.

What type of man bun is more suitable?

It depends on your face structure. The hairstyle professionals believe that the man bun suits the person with the square face the most. This face structure is good with messy buns but can pull-off any types of hairstyles. But this does not mean that man bun doesn’t suit a non-square face structure. Other face structures can carry off other types of the bun. It would be quite suitable if you maintain the beard. So, anyone can try making the bun hairstyle.

Can I sleep with a hair bun?

It is one of the most asked questions on hair buns. The hair is continuously pulled by your hair tie all over the night when you sleep with a bun or a ponytail. So, sleeping with your hair tied may result in hair loss.

Also, if you have straight hair and you sleep with a bun, your hair gets curled and unpleasant. Thus, sleeping with bunned hair can damage the texture, style, and quality of your hair.


Types of Man Bun Hairstyles

As mentioned earlier, bun hairstyles are of different types depending upon the type of styling. Different types of bun styles are trending and adapted by the celebs and mainstream people. Here are some of the bun hairstyles along with their methods of styling.

Loose Man Bun

A loose man bun is a simple style for those having enough length of hair on all sides. It is the most casual hairstyle for men with the bun. All hairs from all sides are collected at the back of the crown and tied up loosely making a bun. This is the simplest of all bun hairstyling for men. 

Low Man Bun

The low man bun is also a casual type of bun hairstyle. It is somehow similar to the loose man bun. But in this case, the hair is tied up at the lower part of the head. A long front hair is required. The professional hairstylist suggests using two hair ties where one can hold your hair basically in place and the other one to hold about in place.

Undercut or Fade Haircut

Undercut Bun hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles these days. Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo, the most popular footballer today, was seen with this haircut. So, this hairstyle has become a trend across the globe. In this type, the hair at the back and other sides are faded out and a top knot is made in the middle of the head. This hairstyle is supposed to look neat and can be made with a smaller length of hair. This type of bun generally suits with the beard.

Braided Bun

Mostly seen in Caribbean countries, this hairstyle exists in African and few in South Asian Countries. The hair is braided and made a knot or a bun at the top. This style suits with long and medium hair length.

Ponytail Style

The ponytail is also a famous type of hairstyle. It can be done in various ways. The hair is pulled back and tied without making a bun either at the top or at the lower part, i.e the nape. These days, the ponytail is made by trimming the back hair and the side hairs. It is a stylish type of haircut. 

Dreaded Bun

Dreadlock is done by forming a thick tangled mess of hair or by braiding. This hairstyle is preferred with faded sides and casual beard. It was primarily considered as the hipster hairstyle but slowly it gained popularity among every type of person. Getting this type of hair needs a lot of patience, hair care, hair treatment, and several hairstyling techniques. Unlike other types of bun hairstyles, it is a complex type of hairstyle.

Double Man Bun

It is not followed by the mainstream. It is mostly seen in the ramp walks. Two buns are made at the crown. This hairstyle is followed by those who are fond of trying new hairstyles. This hair-do is gutsy and spunky. 


  1. Cleaning your Hair:

First of all, to make your hair bun look perfect and non-greasy cleaning your hair is important. Greasy and dusty hair looks unlikeable. So, shampooing and conditioning your hair is very important for making a man bun. Also, gentle brushing of your hair right after washing is necessary to get rid of all the knots formed in your hair. Just remember that hard brushing on wet hair can cause hair fall because the hair scalp is very soft and likely to fall in the wet stage.

  1. Tying up your Hair

Tying up your hair is a simple method. All the hairs are collected at the back of the head and tied up by a hair tie. The tied hair is then folded either halfway or full way depending upon the type of bun you want. You can tie up your loosely for a quick messy bun while for a clean and maintained bun you can comb your hair and fix the bun tightly.

  1. Positioning the Bun

There is no fixed place to tie up the bun. You can place your bun according to your wish, comfort, and the length of the hair. You can place it at the crown or at the lower part of the head. It is important in a sense of styling, and the type of attitude it depicts.


There are several types of hair care equipment available that are necessary for preparing and maintaining the bun directly or indirectly. Some of the materials for hair bun maintenance are:

  1. Elastic Hairband

It can be used for settling the bun firmly. You must be cautious in using the hair bands. They hold the hair firmly and sometimes if the hair is pulled back tightly, it may weaken the follicle. Man headbands and hairbands are often seen being used by the sportsmen. Despite having the bun, their hair is at risk of getting out of the firm and disturbing their focus on the game. So, they use headbands for keeping their hair well placed.

  1. Conditioner

Conditioner is a mandatory need for those having long hair and making a bun. It helps in making hair smooth and appealing. So, the men looking for a man bun must compulsorily apply conditioner to their hair. A leave-in conditioner can be applied for styling the hair. It can be used after hair wash in towel dry hair. A leave-in conditioner may be spray or hair cream that adds extra moisture to the hair and it clears the strands which makes styling easier.

  1. Pomade

Pomade is generally known as hair wax. It adds up shine to your hair. Although it doesn’t give proper hold to your hair, it makes styling more convenient and alluring. Many trichologists (doctors who treat hair) suggest not to use pomades daily because regular use of them may replace the natural hair oils with the chemicals present in them and cause clogged hair follicles which can lead to the hair loss.

  1. Hair Trimmer

A hair trimmer or hair clipper is basically for those who have an undercut bun hairstyle. To maintain their undercut regularly, the hair clipper is necessary for them. Hair trimmer is easy to operate and hair can be maintained at home.

  1. Fashion Journals

Fashion journals and books related to man bun hairstyle can be easily available. You can remain updated about the trending bun fashions.

Besides, mobile applications about the hairstyle ( specifically man bun hairstyle) are available. You can install those applications on your phone and can remain updated about the new hair fashions being followed. Thus, bun hairstyle for men has become a trend for many years. With various ways of cleaning, maintaining, and styling this hairstyle is a sensation with varieties of people, i.e. celebrities to the mainstream, children to adults. Following the history of it, the likeliness and craze for the adaptation of this hairstyle have not got any downfall. Thus, if anyone has to get the bun hairstyle, he needs to have immense patience and a lot of hair care with proper knowledge of styling.

Finally, from the past to the present, the trend of the bun hairstyle is evergreen where many steps from growing hair to maintaining it and caring it are well adapted. Different types of face structures suit different types of bun hairstyles which are differentiated by the way of maintenance and way of styling. Bun hairstyles are stylish in terms of confidence and cool look they provide. And obviously to keep them stylish and appealing, keeping them safe is a major way that can be done by the use of several types of beauty and hair care products.


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